Reunion of 'Al salir de clase', 20 years later
Marian Aguilera: "I do not like to combine shoes with a bag"
Marian Aguilera interview with MEW
Marián Aguilera: "Reality does not mean that the good always win"
Rubén Ochandiano and Marian Aguilera for "Tartufo, El Impostor"
Marian Aguilera and Rubén Ochandiano talk about 'Tartufo, El impostor' with Bekia
Marian Aguilera and Ruben Ochandiando on Onda Madrid  
Marian Aguilera in 'Tartufo, el impostor' (2016) 
Interview: "I have met many 'tartufillos' in my life"
Press conference of ‘Tartufo, el impostor’
Interview: "Tartufo, el impostor" by Molière with
Marian Aguilera interview with MEW Magazine
BTS: Marian Aguilera in "Tartufo, el impostor" (2016)
"Memoria o Desierto" by Ignasi Vidal
Press presentation of "Memoria O Desierto" in Valencia
Marian Aguilera in Águila Roja (#8.5) 
Marian Aguilera in “Águila Roja” (2015) - Trailer and BTS
Marian Aguilera in "La novia de papá" interview (2015)
"La novia de papá" (Theatre; 2015)
Behind the scene of "En El Baño" (2014)
Marian Aguilera in "En El Baño" (Nov. 2014-Feb. 2015)
THEATRE: Nine actress, a director and a good comedy  “En el baño”
"Burundanga" at Smedia presentation 
"Burundanga" at Teatro Lara (August 2014)
“En el baño” at Teatro Maravillas (May 2014)
"Mucho Ruido y Pocas Nueces" (2013)
Press presentation of Homicidios (Sept. 2011)
Marian Aguielra in Homicidios (2011)
Marian Aguilera's character in Homicidios
Promotional video clips of Homicidios, July 2011
Images from Homicidios (2011)
Behind the scene: Homicidios (2011) 
The premiere and "underground" party by Ruben Ochandiano for the play La Gaviota (2011)
The play La Gaviota (2011)
Shooting begins for Homicidios (21st Feb. 2011)
Marián Aguilera in latest TV series Homicidios (2011)
The play Mi Primera Vez (2009-2010): video clips
Mi primera vez in Mallorca (2010)
Mi Primera Vez in Barcelona (2010)
Photo session of Mi primera vez in Barcelona (EP, 2010)
Mi primera vez promotion and photo session in Barcelona's sex shop (2010) 
Mi primera vez at the Capitol Club (2010)
Mi primera vez at the Teatro Principal of Zaragoza (2010)
The first 40,000 sex experiences come together in the Principal, Zaragoza (2010)
Characters Silvia (Marian Aguilera) and Pepa (Laura Sanchez) to wed in LHDP (Season 8, 2009)
Behind the scene: the wedding of characters Silvia and Pepa in LHDP (2008)
Video clips: Marian Aguilera in the backstage of LHDP
LHDP pictures: wedding gowns galore! (2007, Season 3, Episode 11: "El tío Walt")
Photos of Marian Aguilera on the set of Los Hombres de Paco (2005-2009)
The series Los hombres de Paco (2005-2009/2010)
Behind the scene: Los hombres de Paco (2005-2009)
The series Lex: Todos locos (2008)
The series El Inquilino (2004)
Portraits of Marian Aguilera (for El Inquilino) (2004)
Video clips: El Inquilino (2004)
Backstage photos: El Inquilino (2004)
The series Código Fuego (2003)
The series Esencia de Poder (2001-2002)
Video clips: Esencia de Poder (2001-2002)
Marian Aguilera: Esencia de Poder/Essence of power (2001) 
Esencia de poder: love and luxury by Telecinco (2001)
The series Laberint d’Ombres (1999-2000)
The series Al salir de clase (1997-1999)
Video clips: Al Salir de Clase (1997-1999)
The series Todos los hombres sois iguales: Episode 50 (1998)