Jan 5, 2011

Marian Aguilera in "El inquilino" (2004)

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In 2004, Marian starred in El Inquilino/The Tenant, a series by Antena 3. She appeared in all 13 episodes. The show lasted only a season.

Marian Aguilera played Mar, one of the tenants in the apartment complex. Also starring were Jorge Sanz and Débora Izaguirre. In 2005, Débora Izaguirre was nominated Female Lead Performance in Television by the Award of the Spanish Actors Union for her role in the series.

Official website: elinquilino.com (for images, episodes, actors and videos)

About Mar:
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Mar is a 28 year-old yuppie, who is ambitious and obsessed by appearance. She is so overwhelmed by success that she has become a victim of her own ambitions.
She shares an apartment with Nayra, and although she is her cousin and they have known each other since childhood, they have virtually nothing in common. The co-existence is quite complicated endure as insufferable character becomes latent in all situations, coming to be hysterical if things are not done to their liking.
She works as an account executive at an advertising agency; addicted to gossip magazines and television shopping; loves to buy all sorts of things, especially if they are expensive designs. Hence she always complains about having "some financial problems."

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