Jan 1, 2015

Behind the scene of "En El Baño" (2014)

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-pFgdbSDNa2E/VHYaP9yediI/AAAAAAAANV4/BFj31IAePpw/s1600/en%2Bel%2Bbano2.jpgBehind-the-scene images of Marian Aguilera's play "En El Baño" (2014) which is staged till end of February 2015.

Images from and @juanaenamorada.


Dec 16, 2014

Behind the scene of "Flexibility" (Short film; 2014)

Thanks @LoveMarianA for the update!

Some behind-the-scene images and a video clip of the short film "Flexibility".

More HERE.

Images from @juanaenamorada and facebook.com/Flexibility.cine.

Behind the scene


Video (in French)

Flexibility at:
•  "Flexibility" at IMDb
•  facebook.com/Flexibility.cine