Jul 21, 2018

Production of "The Blackstone"

Marian Aguilera is currently in production of her new film involvement, "The Blackstone", a horror/thriller film, about a woman who struggles to leave the apartment she just moved into when she finds out it’s haunted.

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Jun 29, 2018

Production has started for "La Ciega" short film

Marian Aguilera is currently in production of her new short film involvement "La Ciega" in Lompoc, California. Her character's name is Ana.

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From the kickstarter.com page:

"La Ciega" is a thirteen-minute live-action film about a blind mystic named María Cotanilla who lived in Spain in the 17th century. An outcast in her small village, María finds in her mystical visions a world of her own—one where she can explore color, desire, divinity, and her own boundless creativity, safe from the repressive eye of her neighbors. María, known in her village as “la ciega,” (the blind woman) sees what no one else can: silver-tongued suitors dripping with pearls, donkeys and maidens frolicking in forest clearings, the Virgin Mary’s gown billowing twenty-five feet off the ground. But María’s visions take a dark turn when, late one night, a mysterious intruder enters her room and assaults her. She tries to put the vision behind her, but finds the boundary between fantasy and reality crumbling before her. When she can no longer ignore the fact that she is pregnant, María must find a way to reclaim control of her life.

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www.kickstarter.com/projects/986682484/la-ciega-a-short-film (closed)

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