May 27, 2018

Marian Aguilera in 13 x 13 (TV Series; 1989) - Stress de primavera

Marian Aguilera appeared briefly in the Catalan TV series 13 x 13 (episode Stress de primavera) in 1989. The episode was released on 17 September 1989 and produced by Televisió de Catalunya (TV3).


Dec 13, 2017

Marian Aguilera in "La Jaula" (2016)

Marian Aguilera starred in a short film "La Jaula", as Laura. It was directed by Nacho Solana, written by Marcos Díez, DP by Ignacio Aguilar, and music by Luis Hernáiz. Production of Burbuja Films. Also starring are Félix Gómez and Luis Oyarbide.

The story is about Carlos who has decided to change his life but something makes him rethink things. At that crossroads, he is forced to negotiate with Laura, his wife, and Álex, his boss. A triangle of interests in which it is not clear what Carlos needs or who manipulates whom. (From

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