Mar 17, 2011

Marian Aguilera and Laura Sanchez for magazine "Zero" (2008)

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LHDP photo session of cast (2009) 
Characters Silvia (Marian Aguilera) and Pepa (Laura Sanchez) to wed in LHDP (Season 8, 2009)
Marian Aguilera: "Laura Sanchez and I are very close, but it confuses people about our relationship in the series" (2009)

In 2008 Marian Aguilera and Laura Sanchez (Laura Sanchez's posed for Zero magazine, for their characters in Los Hombres de Paco - Silvia Castro and Pepa Miranda respectively.

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  1. I love these photographs. I wish the interview would have been released as well. I also have a page on facebook dedicated to Pepsi if you want to add it to your links. It's great to see someone dedicating a site to Marian . She is a beautiful and talented lady. I hope to see more of her in the near future.

    it's called the Marian Aguilera and Laura Sanchez pepsi dedication forum on facebook. Come check it out if you haven't already.

  2. i love them too! i didn't even know that the photos came with an interview. if you can tell me where i can find the interview, i'll translate it and stuff.

    yea,.. marian is beautiful and talented! i do notice that there are more about her post-LHDP, which is cool!

  3. "How long?
    How far ...
    I need to go?
    Before your broken heart,
    open up and take my soul?
    My soul ... "

    Nostalgia ... Silvia and Pepa



  5. me encantan las fotos.... pero mas me encantan las botas y los zapatos de pepa(laura sanchez)jajaja

  6. Me encantó el show.
    Lola y los escuadrones cuando Silvia Silvia no sólo murió, pero la película ha terminado.
    nunca había visto una buena miniserie también muy querido ...
    Espero que continúe o no la parte que mató a Silvia para continuar la serie ...

  7. Adriana Ozores (Lola Castro) y
    Marián Aguilera (Silvia Castro) Te quiero más Espero que visite Brasil.
    besos y estaba con Dios.

  8. They are really gorgeos.Perfect couple.
    From Russia with love :)

  9. This is for Marian Aquilera. She should not have left "Los Hombres de Paco" as she did with a death. Actually this is not her fault. Writer was crazy. I hate him for what he did. I don;t want to see papa without silvia. Get her out of the show. Sorry papa. I love u to but with silvia.not alone.

  10. Only these year I learned about the series LHDP and out of curiousity I browse on my internet try to find the synopsis of LHDP. Also, search about the biography of these two gorgeous ladies. Oh, they are both excellent and successful in their craft or career.

    I'm in love with their character in LHDP. They are gorgeous couple.

    I dont't understand Spanish but I still watch the series in youtube then read the english recaps (thanks to Misty Flores).

    So hooked on the said series, that after worked and reached my home I open my laptop to continue watching sylvia and pepa love story.

    I hope to see them together again in another series or a movie.

    I'm now an avid fan of Pepsi. I am now searching for the recap of Homicidios in order for me to understand the series.

  11. i love silvia and pepa, I hope to see you guys again acting in a movie

  12. me gusta mucho usteres..sou fã mesmoooooooooooooooooo..quero mais epsodios...


  14. laura sanchez y marian aguilera,.......i love them acting in LHDP, very nice, and touch my felt...

  15. just wanna see them another movie....please writer or someone....i really miss to watch the love journey..between them.........again...

  16. look.....what a wonderful and cute moment when they are looking in the eyes each other......make me smile....a thousand times.....i love it.....
    ....miss them always..

  17. I still can't get over the fact that Silvia died in Pepa's arms. That was so hard for me. I learned to love that amazing, beautiful couple in just a few days. It's been 2 days since I finished watching their story on YouTube and I still can't get over Silvia's death. I'm still devastated. I mean I know it's a tV show just to entertain but damn I learned to LOVE them dearly.

    Amazing actresses Laura Sanchez & Marian Aguilera my respect to you two. God bless you both!

  18. Yah!!! Its amazing. To find true in same sex. Most of that kind of relationship never last. Unlike in love story of pepsil only death can break them apart. It rarely happen in the real life. How I wish it would be in real. Is it sin to fall in love with same sex??? Why it so big deal to others.???

  19. I came to know about this show while doing some silly browsing. Instantly i fell in love with this amazing couple and found myself glued to my laptop downloading the Pepsi recaps, episodes, pictures and all. I don't know Spanish but i wish i could learn the language so that i could concentrate more on the expressions of these two actors and not get distracted reading the english subtitles to understand the storyline. Also learning Spanish would help me watch full LHDP series. I regret that the writers of this show did not show us more of Silvia-Pepa scenes as to how they were dealing with each other during their live-in, i wish i could see more intimate scenes of them in Silvia's home. Also it would be a delight to see their relationship blossoming after marriage. Its a shame that this wonderful love story came to an end. Silvia should not have died. I am totally grieved by her death. Hope to see Marian and Laura exhibit the same love and chemistry in some other show or movie. They are so beautiful and compliment each other. Love them and God Bless them.

    1. I really agree with yor feeling and opinion. I am seriously thinking about learnin Spanish. I really want to feel what they are talking about and how they share emotion each other..

  20. why the interview not released yet??if did,where i can find it?

  21. Marian became so UGLY !!!.. I mean : WTF ? ... She has only 37 years old and she is so UGLY !!!!!!!... I liked her in ''Paco's men '' , but now is brrrrrrrr ....

  22. Lately I encounter this Spanish series. Even before i discovered the English subtitles, I loved watching it. Its all over me now. Cannot get over such a beautiful story. Romance was never so great on television. Dying to see them again kissing! BEST TV SERIES EVER!!!


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