Apr 12, 2011

Marian Aguilera: "Laura Sanchez and I are very close friends, and people confuse it with our relationship in the series" (2009)

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Interview with Marian (19-01-2009)

In 2009, an interview with Marian Aguilera appeared in VIDEOS JAVIER CHECA. Since it was still 2009 at the time, Los Hombres de Paco took centre stage in the interview. Marian also talked about her life (very little).

Thank you Inês Reis for the translation!


They call her the quintessential redhead of the Spanish cinema, although she is not a quarrelsome readhead, rather the opposite. She is very shy, friendly and ,for sure, hard-working. Marian Aguilera began her career as an actress in Barcelona, her birthplace, where she debuted in an advertisement for Barbie Rockstar. At 14, she appeared in her first film El Largo Invierno/The Long Winter and later her face was all over the world when she carried the Olympic flame up the Empúries beach at the beginning of the Olympic Games in Barcelona (1992). However, what really gave her national fame was her role in Al Salir de Clase. Marian is very pleased with her role as Silvia in Los Hombres de Paco, a series that she has been part of for 7 seasons. She recognizes that love is a bit fearful and that even at 31, she doesn’t plan to have kids.

You've been working in Los Hombres de Paco since its debut in 2005 and now it begins the seventh season. How is your working environment?

Very good, and we are already like a family, besides, if you would not get along with so many hours of working together..., it would be difficult. Before this, my character was less significant, and this was all right from time to time because it allows you to relax or not get too tired. You don’t get the feeling that you’re working all day and have no time for yourself. However, now Silvia takes on a more prominent role because of her relationship with Pepa.

Your face became known thanks to the series Al Salir de Clase. How were those years, from 1997 to 1999?

I remember them fondly. I met new people, I had just moved to Madrid. I did not come with the clear intention, at least consciously, of looking for job. The goal was to move a little, go to another place. And this was very fast, I think it was like the second day, I had an audition and they called me. And the truth is, it was the first time I worked with people of my age for so long, and that was a very positive experience for me. I learned many things. Everyone from one city, I was arriving from another, and I also wasn’t that grown-up. I was working for the first time with people of my age who had more or less the same interests, the same passions, where we liked the same things, film, theater and all that. And about TV we didn’t know much at the time, so it was a risk that we were all taking. Uncertainty, and yes, we all lived it with such a joy. It was OK and intense.

What's new for the new season for Silvia and Pepa?

Now there is a small crisis, but as we want and love each other, our relationship will survive.

Is Silvia now completely sure of her sexual status?

Not necessarily, but it does not matter because she has found love and that is what matters.

And your father has already accepted it?

(Smiles) Yes, he did.

In what are Marian and Silvia similar?

In terms of how she lives her relationships, such as fear, maybe in that I am similar to her. So, thanks to Pepa who really loves her, she can overcome that fear. Hopefully, I will find a Pepa in my life, or rather, a good Pepe.

Will Silvia betray Pepa with a guy?

Mmmm .... it is a secret. In any case, if any, it will be very light, nothing major that will destroy the relationship.

Will there be any progress with Silvia-Lucas?

Silvia is over Lucas. As a companion he is missed, but there will be no reference to it.

Any story that happened during filming?

Once, we were recording the first intimate scene. It was a little hot, and as has always been said, when boys see two girls together, they “get excited”. When we were recording the scene, no one made any comment as if they were watching a cinema. Actually it was pretty funny. Usually We already knew that our colleagues were very respectful but that day they were so stunned that they didn’t even talk to us.

Have you ever considered becoming a mother?

Well, there we go… (smiles)! Well, at the time I am not planning to but it’s true that when I see Laura’s daughter and my in-laws and cousins’ children I feel like becoming one [mother]. But well, it will happen when the time arrives.

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  1. The one thing that really sucks is that we never really got an interview with them together. An interview of them discussing how they felt about their "love story" and how they felt about working together. I would have loved to hear them speaking about that to their many fans. The woman who did the interview for "Zero" magazine said that they sounded like teenagers in that interview. No one knows why that interview never saw the light of day, but she said that they enjoyed working together very much and had fun together. It was pretty obvious though...that chemistry cannot be faked.

  2. I agree with Julie. I understand there is a state of professionalism, but look at these two. Obviously they are close because of the show and roles. As an actor you have to try to get attracted and bond to make scenes more natural. These two were very NATURAL.

  3. so nobody really got hold of the zero magazine interview? :(

  4. Sou do Brasil, por isto, escreverei em português. Acredito que há sim uma química forte entre Laura e Marian, e que funciona muitíssimo na série; e que são amigas sim, fora da série - na vida. No entanto, não as torna amantes ou qualquer outra coisa! O público confunde e quer que haja algo entre as atrizes, mas a verdade é que são boas atrizes e por isso as cenas parecem reais, "calientes demais". Se a Marian for lésbica, ótimo; se a Laura for bissexual, ótimo; Mas se não são, ótimo também! PARABÉNS AS DUAS! Bjs. Aninha, Brasil.

  5. Concordo com Annie, Brasil. As pessoas se apaixonam com personagens e os atores erro como sendo o mesmo que os personagens que retratam. Se uma história é particularmente bem feito, ou um ator ainda mais convincente, por vezes, os fãs borrar a linha entre realidade e ficção. É uma vergonha. Mantenha sua cabeça em linha reta, meninas!

  6. I love Pepa and silvia

  7. Não discordando da opinião de ninguém, mas pode acontecer sim das duas terem um relacionamento na vida real, porque são tantos casais na ficção que acabam se apaixonando de verdade. Na entrevista a Marian diz que são amigas, mas ela não tem que expor sua vida particular principalmente na mídia.
    Esta é a minha opinião!!!!

  8. I actually love u marian aguilera;u r so cute;n u wont imagine i m writing 2 u in 2012 and i m from india never saw ur serial in 2005.in 2012 just typed on internet about sexiest leabian couple and saw ur videos from los hombres de paco n now i ve seen all the videos of los hombres de paco only because u r so cute;good looking;hot;sexy red head.love u muaah

  9. And sad part is u died on ur wedding day in los hombres de paco;u left me heart broken and best part is ur acting;u acted so well and best in los hombres de paco that i was confused if u r really lesbian or not.and when i came to know u r not lesbian my god u acted so well.best actors only can act as lesbian.three cheers to sylvia and pepa.

  10. Marian aka silvia,u play your character so well in lhdp especially when u with pepa. 1 thing i agree with silvia is that fear can paralyze a person to fall in love with someone like silvia when she fall for pepa. Its funny though when i imagine watching the stars with silvia. Lol...i think im in love with redhead.

  11. great actors laura and marian! they can convey such a great feeling naturally and make the story seem so real. my first time to appreciate such kind of a show...storyline was great.

  12. WOW! I was just browsing youtube the other day and came across your show, Los hombres de Paco.By far the best love story, I watch it over and over except the last episode of Pepa and Silvia I'm just sad about the ending, that sucks big time. Marian and Laura you are amazing in what you do. You really brought these characters to life and made it look so real. Can't wait to see what you do next...mwah from South Africa...

  13. Marian and laura hoping together again in telenovela,

    Supppper doooper like both of you,goodluck to the next project,......

  14. Adoro a silvia e a pepa

  15. Casa comigo Laura, vc é linda, fogosa, vc me deixa louca...beijos ........ANA do Brasil!

  16. Because of you i visited Barcelona :)))))))))))) Beautifl like you ;)

  17. because of pelirroja i learned Spanish!! how crazy is that!!!!

    1. me too ;;) I want to understand her interview, her other movies, and I want to see her in person :) We are very crazy for redhead

  18. excellent job ms. marian..!!i have watched los hombres de paco several times,you and laura are such a good actress!! hope to meet u someday redhead :)

  19. i am very much inlove with the characters silvia and pepa...i want to visit to barcelona sto see marian..she is so adorable and sweet..cute as well...two thumbs up!!!!!! for MARIAN AND LAURA..very great acting...

  20. I've seen you series last year, but just have time to write a comment. Silvia, you're very good. You and Laura can balance each other out. You're very cute and I've downloaded some of your pictures. Thanks

  21. One of the best series I have seen lately. What a pity it hasn't been bought and translated by the other EU countries. Spanish have this sparkle approach to life... it is serious but full of humour, keeping this authentic approach to different thematics of life. In particular I have really appreciated your approach to homosexuality : extremely respectful, fun, serious... For the iconic image of Spain being "macho", here you show your openness and advance towards Italy and other countries pretending to be tolerant. And obviously... Silvia and Pepa are irresistible... especially Silvia... : ). Grazie... gracias, merci, thank you.

  22. I can see that comments are still being posted to this date on the series Los hombres de Paco and the actresses Marian and Laura and the characters they played, Sylvia and Pepa. The notoriety of the international scandal is the intensely personal and vulnerable scenes between these two actresses. It is a shame that those two could not be cast in an internationally English based movie and that their talented and incredible acting is just relegated to a Spanish TV show with just a couple of scenes. I can see why Ms Aguilera decided to quit the show in 2009 after doing the intensely demanding scenes.