Marián Aguilera Pérez was born on March 12, in Montgat, Barcelona, Spain. She is a Spanish actress, better known as Marián Aguilera.

She has been going to castings since she was seven. Her early works were mostly small films/TV roles, advertisements and modeling. Although her parents were not crazy about her acting career when she was younger, they did not try to persuade her otherwise. However, back then she was not sure about staying in Madrid permanently. She was, nevertheless, sure about her passion for theater and dancing. She attended (among other things):

•       Escuela Timbal (1989-1991): School for ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Flamenco, mime/body language and oral,
•       Academia Memory (1995-1996): Musical theatre and performance, singing, music theory, Jazz and tap dancing,
•       Estudio de Danza Roseland (1996): Contemporary dance, Jazz and Martha Graham technique,
•       Lyrics (soprano) (1996)
•       Conservatorio del Liceo: Music theory and piano,
•       Curso Colombaioni (2000): Clown techniques,
•       HB Studio, New York: Improvisation (1 month).

Her image was telecast for the world to see when she carried the Olympic flame at Empúries for Barcelona Olympics Games (1992), upon its arrival from Greece. She was 15.

The first film which she starred in was El Largo Invierno (1992), at the hands of Jaime Camino. Other highlights of her earlier film titles are La Cuidad de los Prodigios (1999), Quin Curs, el Meu Tercer! (1994) (TV) and Tuno Negro (2001).

But she is most remembered as Miriam when she starred in Al Salir de Clase (1997-1999), a TV series about the lives of a group of teenagers in Madrid. After the series ended, she starred in less successful Esencia de poder (2001-2002) and Código Fuego (2003).

Los Hombres de Paco / Paco’s Men (2005-2009) catapulted her into international stardom and fame, with her character Silvia Castro Leon, la pelirroja. It created a new fan-base, and countless forums and websites (in many languages) dedicated to her character Silvia and the love story between Silvia and Pepa. However, to great dismay of the series and her character’s fans, Marián Aguilera left the show in 2009 to allow herself to grow and explore other possibilities. She re-appeared in the series’ final season a few times as an illusion/imagination (or perhaps a ghost) to Paco.

For her performance in Los Hombres de Paco, she was nominated Best TV Actress at the 60th Fotogramas de Plata in 2009.

In interviews, Marián Aguilera tells us that her childhood was a bit “not normal” because she couldn’t attend school like a “normal” child because she had to go to castings. She was confused as an adolescent; not knowing for sure where to head in her life.

However, she is now content with her life, loves her work; she is hopeful, calm and even-tempered. She is well-grounded. She doesn’t mind growing old and possibly getting less work due to it, because in the end, what really matters is learning from experience and having a good time.

She loves music, especially the classics. And she is currently dating someone. But she has kept details of her personal life very privately. She has never been seen going to movie premieres or public/formal functions with her partner/boyfriend (no, not the model anymore), nor has she talked about him at all (which is cool!).

Currently, Marián Aguilera is represented by Kuranda Agency.


•      Member of VOCES: para la conciencia y el desarrollo
•      Member of jury at the San Sebastian International Film Festival, San Sebastian (2009)
•      Patron of Fnac Malaga (since 2008)
•      Member of jury at the 20th Annual Film Festival of L'Alfas del Pi (2008)
•      Member of jury at the International Film Festival of Cantabria (October 2005)
•      Flame bearer during the arrival of the Olympic Flame at Empúries for Barcelona Olympics (1992)

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