Apr 24, 2011

Marian Aguilera at the San Sebastián City Film Commission Award ceremony (2009)

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As part of the 57th San Sebastian Film Festival, the city gave away the 5th City Award to a film selected by a special jury on 21st September 2009. Marian Aguilera was one of the members of the jury that year.

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San Sebastián City Film Commission Award lies in 'Tres dias con la familia/Three days with the family'

The film "Tres dias con la familia/Three days with the family" of the young director Mar Coll rose yesterday won the V Award of City of San Sebastian Film Commission. The debut of this Catalan has been chosen as the best in reflecting "social values, cultural landscape of the place that was filmed, and in this case, Barcelona and Girona. The jury for this year has been constituted by the film director Pablo Malo, Fernando Lemoniez designer and actors Marian Aguilera ("Los hombres de Paco") and Martin Rivas ("El internado").

"Tres dias con la familia/Three days with the family" meets all the requirements for a movie; good direction, good actors and a good story, "said President of the jury yesterday, Pablo Malo. The prize, worth 12,000 euros, will rest with the producer of the film, the film school Escándalo Film. In addition, winning this award is an international launch pad, since the film will be screened in a section Made in Spain.

The City of San Sebastian Award Film Commission was created five years ago by the Society for Promotion to value the importance of cinema in the promotion of cities as the service stage area of the audiovisual industry. "The award recognizes the effort to feature natural and cultural values of cities and regions and contribute to new productions to attract them," the councilor of Innovation said yesterday, Maria Garmendia, who recalled that last year San Sebastian was the scenario of 190 audio-visual productions.

The winner of the contest was "very happy" with the award and said he was caught by surprise. "We try to show the cultural and social part of Catalan culture," said the director, who has based his work on the emotions and the experiences of a family of Girona. "The more local is a movie, the projection is more people come to identify with the characters, "he argued.

The movie is recorded in Catalan and Castilian, an aspect that was highlighted by the actor Martin Rivas, who confessed to being "delighted to hear a movie in Catalan." Paul Malo also advocated bilingualism "in the Basque country should learn from this film that seamlessly joins the two languages."

by Elene Arrazola

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