Jan 21, 2011

Marian Aguilera in "Los hombres de Paco" (2005-2009)

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In the TV series Los hombres de Paco, Marian Aguilera starred as Silvia Castro, a police inspector in the forensics division. Technically speaking, her character was not "one of Paco's men" because she did not appear in the lineup (at opening). But Silvia was nonetheless one of the important ones because she offered logic and rationale when those two things are often overlooked, as the case in any other drama series. Ms. Aguilera's very dramatic exit from the series was tough to bear for the fans, but marked another beginning for her awesome career.

For her performance in Los Hombres de Paco, she was nominated for Best TV Actress at the 60th Fotogramas de Plata in 2009. The series was also nominated for Best TV Actor (Juan Diego) at the same event (and won).

Internationally, AfterEllen.com awarded the series Los Hombres de Paco Best Scripted TV Series with Lesbian/Bi Characters (International) in its 2008 Visibility Awards. AfterEllen.com also placed her character Silvia Castro at Number 29 in its list of Top 50 Lesbian/Bisexual Characters in March 2010.

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  1. Yes, I think that was probably one of the most heartbreaking exits from a television show that I have ever seen. I'm not one to cry over television, but I cried like a baby for months over this one. I still miss Pepsi more than I can say. The show ended when Marian left. She was the heart of that show for me, and when she left, a big hole remained. I will forever be thankful to Ms. Aguilera and Ms. Sanchez for their moving and realistic portrayals.

  2. before LHDP, i never thought a tv show can have this much impact on the fans. seriously!

    but i have to agree that LHDP ended after she left. did u see season 9?! i didn't, but i heard everywhere that it was so very bad! i'm glad i didn't see it and wasted my time! :P

  3. same here! I cried like a baby over ep. 104 and I still do everytime I see it... it's quite weird... but I really miss Silvia! And PepSi in general...
    I watched S9, although I didnt want to, just because I had learnt that Marian would reappear and then I went on and watched the whole of it... but yes it was pretty bad, nothing like the old LHDP, not to mention Silvia wasn't there ;(((((
    But, in my opinion, ep. 109 is worth watching, and their last scene together is magical, even if it could have been better, it's still amazing to watch and makes me cry as well....
    This gallery of Silvia is amazing btw, thank you sooo much!!!

  4. In what way can I say what hasn't been said already! I hoped that maybe "La Pelirrojja " wouldn't have left in that way. It truly is scarring. I just hope that Marian and Laura are still close and hang out.

  5. huhuhuh i was very sad seeing silvia died.. each place in the LHDP precint laboratory is silvia's memory. i want the LHDP to make a movie with Silvia and Pepa together again. this time no more death.

  6. and another thing.. i really cried like a baby too.. seems like i lost someone i love too. i am not into lesbian movies but only this pepa and silvia. until now i cant get over. how can i get over from crying. anybody could help, please?