Mar 23, 2011

Marian Aguilera in El Reservado ( 2008)

On 16th June 2008, Marian Aguilera appeared in El Reservado (Aragon TV), interviewed by Luis Alegre. She talked about a lot of personal things -- a good way to know Marian Aguilera the person.

For the transcription of the interview, please click here. The summary of the interview is below the video clip (courtesy of Axon).

Summary of interview:

Marian was born in Montgat, a small town closed to the beach in Barcelona, in 1977. She has been going to castings since she was 7. At 15 she carried the Olympic Torch (for Barcelona '92). She likes the Theatre and Dancing. She prefers to live in a city, though she liked about her village being close to the sea. With 18 she went to Barcelona to work in the Theatre; she loved being there, and the apartment she rented with some friends. She considered herself kind of a weirdo when she was small: she couldn’t attend classes every day cause she had to go to castings.

She was into religion a when she was small, but just because she was a dreamer, and she thought about working as an assistant for a teacher of Religious Classes. But she forgot about all that. She came to Madrid, thinking it was temporal, and here she is, thinking the same after many years here. Her parents weren’t enthusiastic about her being an actress, but they didn’t try to make her change her mind. She achieved everything by herself. They are ok with it.

She wasn’t the typical mythomaniac with posters and all, but she liked watching her colleagues at plays (she defines herself as a “mythomaniac of her friends”). She is not afraid of her profession, but her life was a little bit of a chaos when she was small.

She’s calmed, even-tempered. Rarely discusses. But not repressed. She thinks you have to say what you think about things. You shouldn’t be too cautious, she thinks one must make errors and learn from them. One must talk. She comes from a generation of great young actresses, and that is good and bad: bad cause you find less work, good cause you learn from the rest. Envying is terrible, but if you manage to change that feeling into a good thing, it can be great. If you learn to admire.

She is happy with her life, loves her work, she’s hopeful and calmed. She doesn’t seem to care about nude scenes too much; she doesn’t like them, but it’s her job, so she does them if necessary. She was confused when she was an adolescent, didn’t know what to do with her life. She tries to improve, to learn each day from her job, to not lose illusion.

Loves being at home, music (especially classical). But doesn’t listen to the last songs airing. She didn’t know who Amy Winehouse was. She doesn’t care about aging; she thinks she’s gonna learn from experience and have a good time. She doesn’t fear having less work when she ages: she thinks if you wanna look great you have problems, but if you wanna work as an actress and not look beautiful you won’t have any problem.

She thinks being an actress has helped her being a better person, because you learn to analyze emotions, to talk about them. She gets many letters from fans, but she doesn’t answer, because she thinks they write to a person they don’t know, that they fall in love with someone else, not with her.

A girl got her phone number and used to call her a lot and it was weird. She had to stop it. At the beginning she tried to help the girl, listening to her, because the girl’s life was a bit dramatic and she was afraid the girl would do something terrible, but she couldn’t help her and at the end it stopped… She didn’t like it at all, though she pitied the girl.

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