Mar 23, 2011

Transcription of the interview "El Reservado" (2008)

Transcription in Spanish by frikismos from Muchas gracias!

Note: Translation into English by me. Sorry – bad translation. If you can add more or make corrections, please contact me here. Full video and summary of the interview, please click here.


Note from transcriber:

Interview transcript of Marian Aguilera in "El Reservado"

An attempt at transcribing the interview. It is to help those who do not understand the spoken Spanish. So the written Spanish written may serve you better. Sorry for the errors and omissions of any kind.
 - frikismos -

-Marian, I'd like to recreate the day that your image went around the world. You were 15 years old during the 1992 Olympics. 

In fact, for several days. I called one day Rosa Verges, the film director, and I said, "I want to be part of the arrival of the Olympic flame in Barcelona." The Olympic torch was to arrive from Greece to the beach of Empuries. He said: "I do not know what to let you do there.” But see, we have a meeting and I tried on a dress.

-And Rosa, how do you know her?

In an audition that was done for a film, but when I was 7 and I do not know why I had this video, and she thought, "That girl was red-haired; much more red-haired and the fire ..." and then I took it home and they assembled all the equipment that would be in the ceremony. Laber Sergi dancers and people who would read, actors... It was finally decided that I would get in a boat, there I expected the dancers. I was a week earlier at the beach. Since I had to talk, I had to learn anything, I was totally relaxed. A last minute he decided that I was going to read something just as the fire had already reached the first cauldron. It was an awesome thing. Very nice and very exciting. I met many people. It was a huge assembly. There were dancers and I loved the dance world.

-You said that at 7 years old, you'd already done casting and you’ve been doing it from very young and with a tendency for performance art. Was it on your own initiative or because you pushed your parents?

A little of everything, because at that age you do not know very well. It was a little dream; a girl’s dream...

-Yes, but I know girls who are 5 or 6 years who say 'I want to be an actress', but no one has said, but they have seen on TV ...

Yes, I loved it: theater, dance, television. Obviously, if my parents had wanted, I had not gone anywhere. But they accompanied me everywhere.

-You were born in a village in the province of Barcelona, Mongat, and your family is there; you're still closely linked to that town. During the early years of your childhood, how was your life in a town like that?

It was a small town, not a big city. But there we had everything: the beach, (the school was near the beach), the mountain, all those pretty things in Barcelona. But I have always loved the city. I would go to auditions and walk around the city. I was bored in the village.

-In fact, when you had the chance, you went alone to the city.

Yes, I was 18, and I was doing theater, and I went to the theater next door. I found a beautiful apartment in Barrio Gótico. I shared with other girls, and I went there.

-That was very common among your friends of people wanting to become an actress? Or was it unusual in that sense?

It was unusual, but for other reasons.

-For what reasons? Why be redhead?

For example ... (laughs)

-I'd like to clarify the reasons why I felt it was unusual, because I think that you were able to make a living ..

Well ... It was a joke, but if you want I'll tell you. I was unable to go to class every day, for example. That created a bit of distance between me and my classmates who have a normal life. They get out of class, they would be playing around and go home. (...) I had to go to casting.

-You had a secular education. But you were quite a believer?

I was a believer, but because I've always been a dreamer and I was out there for a time. In fact I was very interested in becoming an assistant professor of catechesis. And then I went away. I had no experience of discovering a radical way, so I stopped believing for some reason. I just spent that kind of dream.

- So what pushed you to go to Madrid?
At that time I was doing modeling jobs as well. I was 18 when people ask what career you want to pursue. I did not come to Madrid to stay. I came fairly for work. I went to see a representative and just that day they had the test for me, for the series "Al salir de clase", which was the first thing I did in the capital. But it was like rebouncing, without thinking, I had not made the decision to go to Madrid to work as an actress.

- You always had the feeling that Madrid was temporary.

Always, for many years. I've been staying there, but as ever I decided to stay, then I thought "Let's see when I ..."

- Do your parents, at any time in your life, have advised you to do otherwise? Or, conversely, do they have encouraged you to keep at it?

They neither have encouraged nor discouraged me, and I have been advised to do otherwise. I had to ride everything by myself. And my choices are fully respected. They have always believed much in me, somehow.

- It's funny, because either the parents are very supportive or otherwise try to discourage their child engaged in a profession as rare as this. What you have observed means relying on your intelligence.

It is also because you have lived. As you have to accompany him everywhere, you have known how it works. Then it seems strange entirely.

-Do you remember if you admired anyone when you little; if you had posters in your room?

Posters I had none, but if I have admired many people, of course. Working in the theater, I could see or hear almost the whole show, and I was spellbound listening to my peers. There were the colleagues with whom I worked for I have decided to keep at it. I've been a fan of what I have seen from the outside, and the people I worked with.

- Have you reached some point fear in this job? Has there been thoughts that led you to disturbing places from a mental standpoint, for example? Emotional imbalance?

No. When one is calm and more mature, it does not happen. It was hard for me to wear it when I was little. I created a little chaos, but it is normal. And for that you have to be very strong. (…)

-Anyway, you have got a pretty calm character. Are you zen or do you hold back?

I'm pretty quiet, I don’t like to argue. But now and then I realize it's more important not to suppress things, that is, say out loud what you’re thinking. It's not about screaming first, without reason. But it's important to say things that do not seem right.

-Do you often say what comes to your mind? It’s easier like this, saying things what you think. But you're in a world in which you must be very cautious in this regard.

I do not always say what comes to my head. However, being too cautious does not help, for example, to learn. You have to make mistakes to learn and sometimes you need someone to tell you "you're wrong." (...) You have to talk things out.

- You belong to a generation of very bright Spanish actresses. Did you feel like it’s bad luck to have so much competition?

I had some pessimistic thinking, but having so many brilliant colleagues is stimulating. I like to see the work done by others.

-Have you ever envied other actresses?

Of course.

-Healthy or unhealthy envy?

The good thing about jealousy is that you can turn it around and it is the best thing to happen. Admiring and enjoying what others do, is the best way forward.

- Do you think that by now you are where you deserve to be?

I am very happy. I have dreams, work, hope ... I'm happy, I'm calm, I enjoy my work...

- The fact that you started from very small to publicly exposed has provided you things that seem difficult to actresses, such as the nude scenes?

It was a long time ago that I did a nude scene. The last one was in "La ciudad de los prodigios", but it was not so traumatic. It was simple what I had to do. As Mario was so nervous, I relaxed. (laughs) (...)

-The shooting of these scenes always raises conflict, and there are several ways to approach it. Alex Delaiglesia told me that a naked actress arrived on set the day of the scene so that all become accustomed to seeing her so. Do you have a very relaxed attitude?

Well no, I am shy. I do not die either, because nudity is no less natural. But I try to be dressed to the end (laughs).

-Were you a very rowdy teenager? You said you're very calm.

My adolescence was a mess, very confused, not knowing what I wanted to do or how. When things happened, I was not prepared to make decisions. Things come when you want them to. I am very happy about my life and how things have happened to me. I don’t take a step if I am not prepared for it.

- Apart from the very successful series that you are working on ("Los Hombres de Paco"), what kind of aspirations do you have?

Improve, learn, take advantage of day to day work. For me it is a challenge not to give up, read the script when we are on the chapter sixty and stay motivated.

- It is tiring with the series, which last long. How do you like to spend your free time?

I am a very home-body, listening to music of all kinds, especially the classics (…)

-Within 20 years, how do you imagine yourself? Are you worried about the passage of time?

I think I will be better. In a natural way, as you will have more birthdays, you feel better and know more things.

- Are you concerned about what happens to actresses from a certain age in this industry?

I'm not worried. The passage of time is not a problem if one likes the job; if all you're worried about is doing your job. Instead, it is a great problem if you want to live forever. But that's not my case. I care not to grow old and continue working.

- Do you feel that your work as an actress has made you a better person?

It's very obvious. It is a job that requires you to communicate more openly. There is talk of feelings, emotions that people hide or repress during the day. (…) Yes, it has helped me a lot in that regard.

-Do you receive many letters of love or admiration from your fans? What things do you say?

I receive many letters by the intermediary of the producer I work with. People do not write me to me, but to Silvia, the character I play in the series. So it's a little weird. I can not answer such letters because it is very different from reality.

-Fans fall in love with the character (...). And you've never been tempted to respond to one of these letters?

No, I'm pretty cautious. The most bizarre thing happened to me was a girl who called me on the phone almost every day. She lived in a dramatic situation at home and was looking for support. She was a little girl. I felt sorry. The things I heard were pretty sad. I was afraid that something would happen. In the end, she stopped calling. I guess their problems are solved.

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