Mar 24, 2011

A tender fable about human goodness closing the contest (2008)

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The young Aitzol Aramaio feature film debut in 'Un poco de chocolate', a film in which he has assembled an excellent cast led by Héctor Alterio
Cristina Fernández / Málaga | Updated 13.04.2008 - 05:00

Actors Otxoa Gorka, Barbara Goenaga and Marián Aguilera pose with director Aitzol Aramaio and film producers. 

The young filmmaker Aitzol Aramaio, when he read the novel by Unai Elorriaga A Tram in SP (winner of National Prize for Fiction in 2002), felt a need to turn this story on film. Especially for the "positive attitude towards life" that keeps the protagonist and his ability to spread it to everyone around him. Magical, serene and with a touch of humor, Un poco de chocolate was the film chosen to close yesterday the eleventh edition of the Festival de Málaga.

Héctor Alterio is Lucas. Just left the hospital and his head sails between the everyday and fantasy. He and his sister María will accompany the ghosts of loved ones who they have lost along the way, but also have an unexpected presence that of a boy who has crept into his home during his absence. Marcos, who flees the stifling family atmosphere and situated next to Lucas and María, is an honest and friendly company. Roma, as lonely as Marcos, live with her the great love story. All this is located in the old harbor of Bilbao, which becomes "a character in the film," said the director. "When you walk in it looks like you've reached another place where time stops and go to another rhythm," said Aramaio.

Julieta Serrano, Bárbara Goenaga and Daniel Brühl are part of the protagonists. "It was important the communion between youth and age, some endangered," said the newcomer. "We wanted to show that they relate for pleasure, not out of obligation, and they are just comfortable in that company," added the director who has enjoyed the production of Luisa Matienzo and Mundo Ficción. "The script moved me on first reading because it is a film that had the essentials of life, like love, kindness, friendship, yet so obsolete these days," said Matienzo, who stressed the total delivery actors, "has been a pleasure working with Alterio and Julieta."


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