Mar 1, 2011

Aramaio Aitzol “The tram” runs at full speed towards SP (2007)

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By Anjana Cantabria


A woman in the fifties walking slowly on a street in Bilbao. Gets on a vintage tram and while she is away from the door, someone throws a look of being knocked. Cut! Aramaio Aitzol gives the order and actress Marian Aguilera takes a breather, while Hector Alterio kills time reading the newspaper.

by Karolina Almagiá
29 Aug. 2007

The filming of "Un tranvía en SP" enters its third week and the good atmosphere in the team is palpable. The heat is overwhelming this morning in Bilbo, but no one complains, not even the actress Ana Elordi, which have been dressed in a tight dress and a cardigan to make passing the tram. The old convoy of the fifties, brought from Museo del Ferrocarril de Azpeitia/Azpeitia Railway Museum, is now the star of the shoot, which for a few hours leave the Puerto Viejo de Algorta to Uribitarte spring.

Aitzol Aramaio (Ondarroa, 1971), after struggling in the world of the film, faces his first with enthusiasm and optimism. The script based on the novel by Unai Elorriaga, with Michel Gaztambide was enough to convince a monster performance as Hector Alterio to embody Lucas, a 80 year old man who mixes his memories and dreams reality eight thousand meters up at Mount Shisha Pangma. Daniel Brühl ("Salvador") plays Marcos, a young squatters who happens to share the life of Lucas. Julieta Serano, Barbara Goenaga, Ramón Barea and Mikel Albizu are other actors involved in the adaptation of the novel that gave Unai Elorriaga the Spanish National Prize for Fiction in 2002. With this squad of players and technical team whose dimensions are "manageable" Aitzol Aramaio understandably say that it is a "joy".

"It's been a very enjoyable shoot. The atmosphere is fantastic, both in the technical team and with the actors. Above all, there is much creativity, so much so that the script is taking another dimension with input from the people." A few days with embarrassment, others with incessant rains, the team's motto is "a brave face." "When you have done wrong, we have to shoot indoors. All is well," added the director.

The adaptation of " SPrako tranbia" is quite loose, but remains true to its spirit, according to the director. "In the book there are many thoughts and we have had to give it all a narrative. That's where I've gotten a lot of my own personal stories. But even so, the film is closely related to the novel." A first reading " SPrako tranbia" led Aramaio to special "emotion", he recalled yesterday. "The feeling that woke me was a determining factor for deciding to shoot, despite the difficulties." With a tone "very natural," the film will be, as the director of Ondarroa, "of actors and emotions." So, it is "a delight to have this deal. It's a bargain." The pleasure appears mutual, as even the likes of actor Héctor Alterio who has only good words to Aramaio. "Look, the directors have a more or less similar pattern. What differs them is character. There are directors who create quiet spaces for working, entertaining spaces, and that is the case of Aitzol, who, above, is making a really funny and engaging film. "

Reading the script, Argentinean actor soon saw that he was "facing a current story." Alterio describes his character as someone who "travels to the edge of reason, about to enter the stadium that mysterious memory loss, but in the most lucid recover his past through images and characters." He continues, "an attractive character, and above, I am surrounded by friendly people, which makes waiting times turn into a party. I like the idea that I'm working with Aitzol joining the industry."

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