Mar 18, 2011

Marian Aguilera and Antonio Soler officiate Fnac de Malaga, 2008


Marian Aguilera and Antonio Soler open Fnac on Thursday night September 18, 2008

OPENING. The mayor and the patrons of the Fnac store responsible for cutting the tape. / E. NIETO

Fnac opens its doors today to the local people

The Malaga-born writer Antonio Soler and actress Marian Aguilera as patrons officiated the opening of the Fnac Málaga on Thursday September 18, starting at 20:30 with the traditional ribbon cutting. Two great representatives of the culture will lead the presentation of an area destined to become a cultural institution of reference in Malaga.

Marian Aguilera, Antonio Soler and the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre were responsible for cutting the traditional ribbon. Music, film and lyrics were present at the entrance of FNAC in the city, which from today will receive all of Malaga in Malaga Plaza Shopping Center in the capital.

"I am thrilled to play the role of patron," said the popular actress of the series Los hombres de Paco, while the writer Antonio Soler said that the opening of Fnac in Malaga "is a benefit for society," adding that the city "enough room for the existence of the traditional bookstore and Fnac.

Today, Fnac opens to the public its space over 2,500 square meters, with an investment of over three million, has more than 200,000 titles of books, a total of 180,000 references and DVD discs and more than 15,000 technical products among others, as the director of Fnac said in Malaga, Javier Sánchez.

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