Apr 10, 2011

Marian Aguilera in Valencia (2009)

The actress Marian Aguilera visits Valencia for the XXX Edition of the Mostra de Cinema del Mediterraneo (24/10/09). The closing ceremony was held at the Teatro Olympia de Valencia, ending nine days of screenings, ceremonies and cultural activities.

Earlier, at the Plaza del Patriarca, the charity campaign "No hunger" was held to collect signatures to support and show awareness of the problem of acute childhood malnutrition around the world. The campaign aimed at asking Al Gore to lead a documentary film under the same title, and the signatures were to be delivered to him in December (2009) at the UN summit. The campaign was created by "Action Against Hunger", an international organization headquartered in USA, England, France and Canada.

And we are proud to know that Marian Aguilera was one of the actors who supported this campaign :).

More news at europapress.es, diariocriticocv.com and pideseloaalgore.org, courtesy of COM I and II.

Personal fan video of Marian Aguilera
(poor quality but good enough to see her)

Video by alexcs18


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  1. Just wanted to commend you for the amazing job you're doing with putting together all there is to know about Ms. Aguilera's career on this site. Keep up the good work!

  2. thanks :)! it's been a pleasure (read: blood, sweat and tears,... in a good way!) building it for her. we've enjoyed every bit of it!

    come back soon - we're still under construction... believe it or not ;P!