Apr 7, 2011

Marian Aguilera at Climatic Festival (2009)

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The actress Marian Aguilera (center) attended the festival

With successful participation, the Third Climatic Aínsa Festival concluded. It was attended by the actress Marian Aguilera, best known for her role as Silvia Castro, the head of the department of forensic science in the television series "Los hombres de Paco". The girl described the Climatic Festival as "charming and interesting holiday".

Marian Aguilera told this newspaper that she is enjoying a few days in Sobrarbe and also Aínsa, Bielsa. "I think it’s a beautiful area, I have many pictures." After 4 years in "Los hombres de Paco", Marian Aguilera confessed that "I am now resting and awaiting the emergence of new projects. It's very nice to have a continuous work, but I missed that feeling of waiting, so typical of my profession." Marian Aguilera was very nice to the fans of the series who recognized her, with whom she posed for the photographs.

The actress continued yesterday with enthusiasm of the Climatic Festival activities that took place in the courtyard of the Castle of Ainsa. There, she was among roughly five hundred people, many of them children, who tasted the chocolate solar and participated in the workshops of cosmetics, recycled toys and bicycles, besides having a good time with Reciclown and parades, in which characters symbolize the colors of recycling. With the screening of short films "3rd International Competition of Short Films Online for the Culture of Sustainability", in Mora de Nuei Alberge, the Climatic Festival III discussed this issue in Ainsa. On 17 and 18 October, the Festival will travel to Sabiñánigo Climatic for the second consecutive year.

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