Apr 4, 2011

Marian Aguilera in "Noche Sin Tregua" (2009)

Marian Aguilera appeared in Noche sin tregua/Night without respite in 2009. The show was produced by Paramount Comedy, and hosted by Dani Mateo.

The interview is only 6 minutes.

Summary of the interview is by CB. Muchas gracias!

The host presents her, saying that he's sure people know her and that he's a great fan of her and that he remembers about the ads Marian did when she was a kid.

So she walks in and he asks her about those ads and she says that the Barbie Rock Star ad was the first one she did, that she told her mother that she wanted to be on TV and then her mother called an agency and so it began.

So then he asks if she began because she wanted to be seen on TV and be an actress and she says yes but then things changed a little bit. Now she knows better what she wants. So first she just wanted to be on TV then she realized she wanted to be an actress and Marian says something like "I think I'm an actress" (xD)

So then he asks about new movies coming out (at the time) and in particular about Seres Queridos (Only Human) and he says he thinks it's not so funny because it focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but she says that it is really funny indeed. And then Las Huellas Que Devuelve El Mar, that she has just watched herself and found really good and she talks about the movie, 4 different stories of different people. She plays a girl who's pregnant and sent by her boyfriend who doesn't want to be with her to another place, where she eventually finds happiness. And he, jokingly, says that he's more interested in sex; he's not gonna watch the movie if there's no sex, and Marian plays along and says that there's sex too although you don't see much and that there's some nudity in the other parts of the movie.

Then he asks if its difficult for an actress who did much television to go and do cinema, and she says that she doesn't know how to answer.

Then arrives the other guy o.O

He says he's now happy to have Marian by his side as he's Catalan too and other stuff.

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