Apr 3, 2011

Marian Aguilera and Juanjo Oliva in Mujer Hoy photo session (2009)

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In Feb. 2009, Marian Aguilera appeared with Juanjo Oliva in the magazine Mujer Hoy (Women Today, 14th Feb. 2009) (hoymujer.com) as his muse. The designer is well-known for his returning "to its origins and aims for the lines, volumes and materials rather than colors or patterns." Since I have never seen/read the magazine, I really don't know what I'm talking about. But you can can't help but to have a feeling of awe and rapt admiration for Marian's beauty.

From dalealplay.com:
"Juanjo Oliva talks about how to create a collection of illusions and the effort put into it and all the work behind it. In the photo shoot he did the story and hoymujer.com (Women Today), the designer was inspired by the actress Marian Aguilera."

The photo session:

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Photo: Juan OLIVA and MARIAN AGUILERA. Although she had attended his shows, the actress and the operator did not know. However, the chemistry came instantly. Marian poses with Juanjo Oliva's dress (1,690 €) and Pura Lopez shoes (200 €). Juanjo's Tom Browne shirt, cowboy Nude and Lanvin shoes. Goya furniture auctions.

Silver and khol. Marián Aguilera's look is enhanced by the makeup of the lower lid in a dark silver tone, almost black, flush with the tabs. The eye is also painted on the inside, with a black kohl to give more depth, an effect that is enhanced with mascara. The skin, bright, and lips with a natural gloss, completed the makeup.

Source of video: dalealplay.com.
Source of images: hoymujer.com and pepaysilvia.mforos.com.

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