Apr 2, 2011

Marian Aguilera in InStyle (January 2009)

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Marian Aguilera was interviewed and posed for InStyle magazine for the January 2009 edition.

Translation of text above:

Marian Aguilera: JOGGING

She has her own secret for jogging. "It is essential not to force it. On some days without knowing why you struggle a lot what others do effortlessly". It's her favorite sport for years but she also loves to dance. "I really enjoy dancing, but I love to jog, to move and breathe and after training, I feel stronger physically and mentally. Whenever I finish, I have to eat a sandwich," she says. Marian feels happy because of the sport. "I lose track of time, and step into action." Usually doing it alone, but she loves to see other people practicing, or go together with her friends. "On sports issues, I get recharged and thus improving themselves and me," she says. For the actress, comfort is essential. "I always try to go as light as possible; shorts in summer and in winter, a light-weight jacket that does not hurt to move," she said.

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