May 16, 2011

The play "Mi Primera Vez" in Barcelona (2010)

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Mi primera vez recounts the story of first sexual encounters on a website

*Video of promotion is below

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After successful stints at Madrid, Bilbao and Andalusia, Mi Primera Vez stops by at Club Capitol on Wednesday in Barcelona.

Human beings are voyeuristic by nature and very curious, especially in matters of sex and testosterone, but, explains Gabriel Olivares, this production "is no excuse to put four young men in panties on stage."

In fact, they - actresses Marian Aguilera and Inma Cuevas (taking turns with Mar Abascal) – have not removed anything, not even bracelets. Instead, it is Fran Nortes and Bart Santana (or Joaquín Abad), who "presented" to the audience a couple of full frontal nudity. "There are some challenging moments, spicy, but always in good taste. Not a shocking or rude work," reiterates the director.

It all started almost two decades ago with a website created in the U.S. which invited internet users to share their first sexual experience, on condition of anonymity. The success of the initiative, with more than 40,000 multicolored orgasm stories, frustrations and peculiarities led to seasoned Broadway producer Ken Davenport to come up colourful material.

He did it in 2007 under the title My first time, and two years later, filmmaker Gabriel Olivares Albacete took the reins for adaptation in Spain. His intention: to draw smiles and laughter from the public of all ages and condition. "Not for Children, of course," he explains. But older people have had so much fun and it was very corseted people who start screaming, just uncomfortable. The dishevel seems assured and corroborated with Cuevas: "Many women see it as an exercise in laughter therapy, as it is a very healthy show. There are still many taboos but viewers will be glad and will come out with many wanting sex. "

In the Spanish version, the director includes some local stories from the website set up for the play ( He has also opted for more theatrical on stage with four barstools and four projection screens. "The original work based on monologues and I propose a structure and game play: there is a succession of scenes and blocks according to age, places and the division is multiplied in a first-thirty sexual stories.

A promotional photo of the play (Marian Aguilera is second from left)

The actress Marian Aguilera highlights the humor of the work and gives instructions to the respectable: "They should come with open hearts and minds." And also, willing to reveal on a card of their own experiences, some of which will be read on stage.

The conquests of Virgos are counted, the Catalan artist highlights the hilarious story of two who went to Murcia television to praise the contraceptive powers of coca-cola after the first time.

Video of the promotion of Mi Primera Vez in Barcelona:
(Video made by VIDATECA in partnership with XTRATEGIUM)

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