Mar 15, 2017

Marian Aguilera: "I do not like to combine shoes with a bag"

16 March 2016 |
By María Aguirre

Marian Aguilera at the XII Festival de Málaga 2009
Image by Cordon Press 

Marian Aguilera: "I do not like to combine shoes with a bag"

The actress, who triumphs with the play 'Memoria o desierto', responds to our decalogue.

Much has rained since we hooked up with the stories of sweet Miriam in "Al salir de clase'. Later, we cried with the death of Silvia in 'Los hombres de Paco' and the police stories continued after her starring in 'Homicidios'. But television is not the only way in which Marian Aguilera develops like a fish in the water. In her profile, there are more than a dozen films, and the theater is giving her many joys thanks to 'Memoria o desierto', a drama about three sisters that she stars alongside Ana Rayo and Ana Otero.

Marian Aguilera, Ana Rayo and Ana Otero in 'Memoria o desierto'

But how is the actress when she leaves the stage? She gives us the keys in ten sentences.

Decalogue of style of Marian Aguilera

A look with which you feel identified:
I could not aim a particular style. I would go from the tracks to the most sophisticated.

What has been your biggest fad of fashion? 
Miu Miu shoes, roses, that I thought I could not combine and that were destroyed by using them. I never found others so beautiful.

Is there something you would never wear? 
I do not like shoes that combine with the bag ... Crazy .. Although, what I would never wear is a fur coat.

Heels or sneakers? 
Both of them.

A benchmark of style: 
It seems to me that Kate Moss has the gift of always choosing the right clothes.

A designer to walk the red carpet: 
Armani, Dries Van notten ... there are so many!

Your favorite beauty product: 
Thermal water and tonics.

A place where you would get lost: 
New York, for example, I would never get bored.

What would your perfect date be like? 
Dinner and a good concert.

If you had to stay with a song it would be ... 
'La leyenda del tiempo' ('The legend of the time'), by Camarón.

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