May 14, 2011

'Mi primera vez' at the Teatro Principal of Zaragoza (2010)

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Mi Primera Vez/My First Time at the Teatro Principal of Zaragoza

Official websites: and

Mi Primera Vez/My First Time is a new generation show where four actors tell stories of early sexual experiences written by real people. The play then is transferred to Spain after its successful stint on Broadway. The first sexual experience is one of the few things that people around the world have in common. And rarely talk about it until now.

In 1991, a decade before the explosion of blogs, a web page was born that allowed people to anonymously tell their first time. The site became an instant phenomenon with more than 40,000 stories from around the world, funny, grotesque, straight, gay. Ken Davenport, a producer of Broadway, created a play based on this web page and in the summer of 2007 premieres My First Time, which has become a theatrical phenomenon. My first time is the first play to be built with the personal contributions made by Internet users.

The Spanish version has received stories, songs, documents used to create the play in Spain.

Actress Marian Aguilera joins the cast of Mi Primera Vez as of December 17 2009 .

The actors: Marian Aguilera, Fran Nortes, Bart Santana
and Mar Abascal

Director: Gabriel Olivares.

Cast: Bart Santana, Marian Aguilera, Fran Nortes, Mar Abascal, Inma Cuevas and Joaquín Abad.

Video of press conference:
(reported by Irene Bordeje, posted on by PepSiItForum2010)

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