May 25, 2011

Marian Aguilera: "I think the main thing is to laugh or to try" (March 2010)

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Interview by Eric Romaguera

Marian Aguilera is one of those actresses who came to fame after her role in the youth series "Al salir de clase" which reflected the lives of a group of teenage students and the issues they may have. Interestingly, it was not the first time Aguilera's face came on television, as in 1992, she made a foray into the world of cinema in the hand of James Road in the movie "El largo invierno".

That same year, Barcelona hosted the Olympic Games and Marian Aguilera was the little girl who was in charge of picking up the Olympic flame from Greece in the port of Empuries. On television, in addition to “Al salir de clase” she has starred in other series of less successful, such as “Esencia de Poder” and “Código Fuego”. She had more luck with “Los Hombres de Paco”, in which she participated in a supporting role between 2005 and 2009.

On July 15, 2009, her character, Sylvia, died soaked in blood in her father's arms after being shot by a group of gangsters, although her character appeared as a ghost in several episodes of the current season, guiding Paco to fight the forces of evil. And Marian Aguilera is now focused on the world of theater and we can see her in flesh and blood until April 4 at the Capitol Theatre with “Mi primera vez”, a play where four actors tell first sexual experiences in the world written by anonymous, real people like you. The first sexual experience is something that almost everyone has in common and has never been talked about so far.

"My first time" is a play in which sex is mixed with humor. Sex is fun, but carried to the theater much more. How do you get to participate in this play?
They took some time in Madrid. A colleague called to tell me they were looking for a substitute for one of the characters. I do not know what to do because at that time I had finished work and had nothing planned so I started to read my text but I could never imagine how it was assembled. They told me to come to rehearse and then decide if I wanted to do it. I went one day to test and it passed to me so well that I decided to try. When I realized it was on opening day and I was already inside.

You have a script, but the public have the option of writing their first experiences. What has been the "strangest" thing that you've encountered?
The truth is that people put funny things and there are times when we doubt if it is true or if they are joking when they come in groups. Either way they are amazing. The people involved are very good. We also had fun with what they say.

But the play is not all laughter, as you try all the "versions" of sex. Is it difficult to go from laughter to sadness?
The poster of this work does not give too many clues. . Most of the show is comedy, but obviously there are stories of all kinds and this is another story. I can easily move from one state to another because I'm going with a microphone and that creates a distance that makes the viewer have a certain distance from you. When you're with the card or talking to people, you don’t take that microphone and everything is closer.

Alternative theater while shopping ...
We can not say that something is commercial or alternative for the simple fact of whether it’s working or not. Being an alternative is not better or worse, if not different. There are things that my business is not what I like. Not because commercial is better or more beautiful. This is a show that single people would see as an alternative theater. If you put it in a large theater and that is for another public who are used to seeing easier and more commercial things. It's a easy show but not simpler. Anyone can entertain you beginning and ending with my grandmother.

A show for all audiences ...
Perfectly! It is very fun to see very serious old ladies come in, die of laughter, and it is funny. It is an opportunity to laugh in the theater, something that we’re not accustomed to, to come in and be surprised and be delighted by it. They are surprised because they see a young show they understand. That is very nice.

We all have our first time ... The first time we drive, the first time we go to the theater, the first time we have sex. How was your first time?
The truth is that I put it hard. I am a person who does so many things and I have so many activities that is almost always a first time. My first class ... I am very inquisitive, I move a lot and I have many first times for everything.

Tell me any one ...
I wish I could say, it is the first time that I am consistent.

We are in crisis, everyone knows and I think there is nothing in this life that we do not have to pay. Do we have to "fuck" more, because less and you can not forget these "problems"?
Well I think so. Imagine having lots of money and not to laugh. I think the main thing is to laugh at or try. Many times you have to put some on our part to make fun of others and ourselves.

Is there anything we can not laugh about in this life?
There are many mishaps that I think one can not joke about, so I think the important thing is to be thankful.

Who do you thank?
I try to look back at the good and be thankful for all that I have lived for and being alive. We are young and well.

Good and bad, do you regret anything? That is, your passage through television, leaving the TV for the theater.
I have not let go of the TV to go to the theater. In this work, one must take risks, but so far I do not regret anything. I did what I could in each moment as it had the capacity to decide at all times. You could have done better but it also could be worse.

Text: Eric Romaguera
Photos: El Reló

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