May 19, 2011

Marian Aguilera in Arucitys (2010)

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Earlier in 2010 (?), Marian Aguilera and Bart Santana were guests on a TV talk show, Arucitys, mostly to promote the play Mi Primera Vez, which was touring Spain for a few months (she joined later after it took off). She also talked about LHDP a bit, about the death of Silvia.

Images (video grabs) and MA's transcription here.
Thanks Bekelauer and Pied Piper!

(the talk show are in three parts)

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  1. This is the one that makes me laugh . I kept looking at that piece of hair sticking up.....bobbing back and forth. She is so damn cute. I hated to see those images of Silvia's death in the background though. I try never to watch that. In my mind, it never happened. Pepa and Silvia got married, and went on their honeymoon. I choose to ignore the realities.