May 12, 2011

“Mi primera vez” at the Capitol Club (2010)

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Report about “Mi primera vez”, which houses the Capitol Club
-Articles published in the Eco de Sitges on 20/02/2010

In recent generations, society has changed in many ways, especially with issues of sex, it is no longer a "taboo" but unavoidable part of our lives. What has not changed much is the idealization of its arrival. That "first", which despite a lot of information that we had most of the times, always has a certain feeling of coldness and disappointment ... but then experience dilutes the moment.

That first game experience has many stories, some improbable, that have taken the body of theatrical work "Mi primera vez”, which the Capitol Club in Barcelona houses these months, the Rambla Catalonia, and that comes with the 'aura of the great theatrical success in New York. The work is led by four actors, many of which are well known for their television appearance: Bart Santana (“Fisica o Quimica”), Marian Aguilera, (“Los hombres de Paco”), Inma Cuevas (“La señora”), and Fran Nortes.

They all make a recreation of different stories, told through the Internet. Apart from the work that breathes vitality and surprising change in records of the same actors, the main attraction of the book is its participatory nature. The public can fill out a slip-on -- the anonymous character must answer a series of questions related to the "first time" and that the actors were reading over the work, which establishes participation.

For the actress Marian Aguilera, who has visited Sitges on different occasions, it is a work that "talk about sex directly, but there is an environment of emotional relationships between people." With so many stories that are told it is inevitable that some experience happens on the "Valentine's Day”, according to Inma Cuevas.

The conclusion of the work is - the importance of doing it and enjoying the first time ever, not as much as Warren Beatty, with more than 12,000 different people, sometimes in sex, and many other in experiences.

Text Albert Roca.
Photos Albert Roca and Jordi Rull

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