May 24, 2011

Marian Aguilera: “If at first you do doesn't go well, the experience can be traumatic”

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She is one of the stars of 'Mi primera vez', a comedy play which showcases real stories without sexual taboos
People | 19/02/2010 - 02:22 h | Updated: 21/02/1910 - 5:21 pm

By Albert Domènec

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Many remember her little face, smiling and happy, carrying the 1992 Olympic flame from Greece. She was 15, and Marian Aguilera loved dancing, the theater and music. She began to exploit her artistic talent in short films and features in the sporadic appearance of a Catalan production. Her big break came thanks to the series Al salir de clase, where she rubbed shoulders with other actors of her age, some of which eventually ended up triumphing in the small and big screen. Although her latest role in Los hombres de Paco is still remembered by its gore ending, the actress has long always wanted to do comedy at theaters. Mi primera vez successfully premiered in Madrid and in the coming weeks, Pepe Rubianes room occupies the Capitol Theatre in Barcelona.

Imported from Broadway, the play is based on the adjustment made in 2007 by the American Ken Davenport (one of the most charismatic and award-winning producers of New York) of the stories told by the internet surfers on a website created in 1991 by Peter Foldy and Stuart Carige, before the communicative phenomenon of blogging in the U.S. Marian Aguilera considers it a work for "people with an open mind" who want to have a good time. The story line is humorous, which is about real stories that are explained in monologues and dialogues during the hour and a half of the play. They all revolve around a theme, according to sexologists, more important for men than for women: the first day that you lose your virginity. And surely in this issue, we all have a story to tell, or to hide.

-When proposed to make this work, did you see as the main challenge in the theater talking about sex, without any restriction? 

I do not know why but I never thought they were talking about sex. It wasn’t difficult, because it talks about sex but not the sexual spectacle. In this sense, it is not a difficult scene, I think it's all very light.

- Do you think the public thinks like you and is ready to assimilate naturally that sex scenes are told on stage?

This play is very interesting, and we talk about sex but not explicitly. It's nice because the topic is the first time, which is very important. The other day a sexologist said that if the first had not gone well, the experience could turn into traumatic. In the work we collect stories about people who had some issues, and this involves many emotions on the part of young people, or people with difficulties. Not so much the sex itself, but the stories that lie behind these people and that we can identify with.

-The human being is voyeuristic in nature, and it seems that if you talk about sex even more ...

Yes, perhaps looking at the website with all the stories is more interesting than watching the play. At the end there is an interpretation of how we imagine these people would write. It is a script written by real people.

- Is it a youth-oriented work?

It is of course not. Obviously there are older people who are very closed, and these things will not ever be spoken about. Of all these people, there is a high percentage that gets to laugh, even when they want, and just convinced. Normally things usually go wrong if the company is somewhat forced because these issues have not been treated, and then they leave a little disappointed. But in general people have been very open-minded and it is not meant to provoke.

- You think you can even serve as therapy for some couples who have lost communication on sexual matters? I say this for the humorous approach of the subject ...

Yes, certainly, because as explained the sexologist who commented you before, there are things when we see as important, especially if you have not had any problems. But if you have had a small problem, it is traumatic that can comsume your thoughts of the day, especially for men.

- In the work, oddly enough, just male actors are naked... 

Yes, that is fine, especially for convenience, because cold weather (laughs). At first I went with a tank top and finally I put a shirt over it because it’s very cold in Madrid.

- The initiative began in America with a website where people explained how they did their first time. Spain has done the same with other sites. Do you think the stories are far from one side of the pond to the other?

I think the main difference is that in our case we can tell who the people come from their accents, as part of Spain where they come from. This is something that can not be done with American stories. Here it's more fun because we identify and locate more.

-They talk about sex but Mi Primera Vez is a comedy, a tale that the public does not see a lot. Has this been a major issue that you face as an actress on stage?

Yes, in some ways yes, because when I did not know how they would react to this role. But in the end I saw it of course, I was doing nothing concrete and it was an enjoyable work. In the end it is working with the body, and it trained me and seduced me and here I am (smiles).

-I did not remember you doing any comic role for an hour and a half ... 

No (laughs). I had done a role in a comedy series but always playing the same character. But the truth is that I feel very comfortable, I love comedy.

-At the end of the work ensures that 100% of viewers who have gone to see it will want to have sex that night. Do you have statistics?

(Laughs) I do not know, I think it's a joke, I guess everyone, not all.

-There are many people who still remember you by that image in Empurias carrying the Olympic flame in ‘92 games. How did you get that 'role'?

Yes, it's funny. I was 15 and I called Rosa Verges, who was the artist who organized the ceremony. I’ve always liked the dance, theater and music. It was a wonderful experience, but I wasn’t interested in sports, I've never particularly liked it. But it was lovely occasion. It was an opportunity to meet and interact with many people, because we spent two weeks in a small hotel and it all happened very fast, but it was magical.

-Your television debut was the series on TV3 Laberint D'ombres, although the success came with the series Al salir de clase, from which came a batch of well-known actors now ...

Yes, it is true that this series was my first promotion at the state and media, because it was a series that had many viewers, but I must confess that it was not something premeditated. I arrived in Madrid due to personal circumstances and it was an opportunity to work with people of my age, it was the first time I did. I've never been addicted to television, and there are many things done and I sounded like a Martian. As I arrived there and they told me that this series was a production and I did not know what else. Okay, cool, for me it was just work. My requirement was for a pick or not, I never thought about the success we have.

-You participated in other series, such as Esencia de Poder, but most remembered in Los hombres de Paco which you spent seven seasons playing the same character. What do you think was the secret of this production? 

I do not know what the mystery is. No one has the formula, despite those who have it and then see that the series do not workin the series or the movies. If there is such a formula, we could use the product according to the quantity or people who want that look ...

-You see unconformist actresses. How did you feel having played the same character for four years?

It can become tiring, really. People were wonderful, I loved the cast of actors and I had a very good time. But there comes a point where you want to go out there and do not want to take every day the same route, the same set and have the same hairstyle. That deprives you time to do other things.

-The end of the series was controversial and dramatic. Los hombres de Paco seemed more like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Did you like the ending like that for Silvia

The series clearly began as a comedy and at the end changed a little and became more dramatic because they saw that people also like to mourn. This is television and I guess they wanted a final impact because it is what the viewer expects.

-Although you are more popular for your roles on television, I have counted 12 films and two shorts. Is it the genre which you feel most comfortable as an actress? 

This is something that always depends on the project. Maybe you take something because you like the script or the director and the final twist and the thing you're not familiar with. But if I have left with something it is to the theater. In fact, although I've been doing television, I've always somehow linked to clothes, school or making smaller assemblies. Television has saved me in bad times, because this is a job you never know, and I am not one of those actresses who can really choose what to do. When you take time off from work and I always suggest a role towards the economic moment, which is something that gives you the opportunity to live and continue.

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