May 26, 2011

In the theater with Marian Aguilera (2010)

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Marian Aguilera: Actress of "Los Hombres de Paco" and "Mi Primera Vez"
By: Correspondent - Lola Gómez Moreno - Published: Sunday, May 9, 2010 - 7:19


The theatrical comedy "Mi Primera Vez" arrived last Friday at Valdepeñas May 7 (2010) and was a blast. We were talking with one of the actresses Marian Aguilera, whose role as a forensic scientist in the series "Los hombres de Paco" has launched her to success.

Tell us how was your first time?

Mine.... I will not tell you (laughs). The question is for others, not me ... that has no emotion.

How many years have you been acting?

If I have always wanted to be, a lifetime ... over 18 years.

What job did you like best of all that you have done?

Every job has its special thing. Sometimes the project itself is something you like, that is commercial, and you like the character and personality. I have participated in a film that had no opportunity for promotion, while others are easier or have more commercial value that could be more mainstream. But that doesn’t make me feel worse about the project. In daily series which I have not felt very good about, because you are left with something or someone that you feel like you are remembered as and branded, in the end, there’s always something that stays and somebody that markets you. Professionally in films, I have been fortunate to have participated in projects that have filled me a lot.

Which character would you do that you have not done?

In my case, a number. I have made dramatic characters and now I'm with comedy and I really enjoy it, although it is difficult. But it depends on the saturation of the self. When you get a character you know if you like it or not. See, for example, there have been biographies of women, I say as a woman, I have come across, and I like them, but not for anyone specifically, it arises.

Changing the subject a little, and since I've wanted to tell you the first time in the sexual arena, tell me what your first time was at the theater, for example.

The first time I went on stage I was very small and I don’t remember where I was. But I can tell you this is my first time in Valdepeñas. I have visited here in the past, but had never entered the village. It seems nice. Anyway I have not seen the center, but as I sleep here tomorrow, I’ll see it before I leave.

Well, then do not miss the Plaza of Spain and take in any bars, taverns ... Valdepeñas’ wine and a cap. Don't forget living your life (laughs).

I will, thank you very much.

Where are you most comfortable working: on TV, theater, cinema?

You feel at home many times for things that do not depend on the medium; it can be the people who make you feel you like your project. There are many things that make a person feel comfortable in a project and it’s not necessarily the means.

How long have you on Mi Primera Vez?

The project is two years, but I started in January, as a substitution in Madrid and finished the last days, and after they had left Barcelona and did some touring. I had already finished recording "Los hombres de Paco".

What is Mi Primera Vez?

The idea came from a producer named Ken Davenport, an American, who created a website called "", where people told their stories. The stories are accumulated and he saw that he could get a lot of theater materials from those stories. It was brought from the U.S. to here. We do not know what people are writing but you get the idea and you do comedy: a sentence, tell stories with a beginning and an end. Most are anonymous. The original is that the public is also involved, they are given a card with some very easy questions to which they respond, then read on stage, always anonymously.


Yes, when reading the cards, we add our own funny comment.

Do you like comedy?

Depends on the audience; there are times when it is uphill. Note that it is comedy and if the audience does not laugh, you feel terrible. The intention is to entertain, yet there is always something you can grab. You first start out laughing and so far, where we have gone, it has been a success. I have said that here, it is very demanding. I hope that we will survive.

What are your future projects?

Right now I am with Mi Primera Vez and it is busy, at least until the summer. After some rest, and we’ll see as they come.

We said goodbye to Marian and she promises that she will not leave without trying Valdepeñas wines and tapas. -

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