May 22, 2011

Marian Aguilera: First comedy (2010)

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March 1, 2010

In 2007 the renowned producer Ken Davenport opened a play on Broadway that was based on sexual confessions of thousands of websurfers who uploaded their stories anonymously on a website. The play was called My First Time and different versions have been made worldwide. One of the latest, Mi Primera Vez, is performed at Capitol Club with a bunch of familiar faces from the small screen. Among them, Marian Aguilera.


I did not know about this phenomenon, nor knew anything of the work that had been done prior to Broadway. I don’t surf webpages nor am I up-to-date with anything current. I told the director, who told me not to think, and that was enough to rehearse. I had never done comedy in the theatre and I felt happy. I would never tell anyone of my first sexual experience, but the work was done anonymously, and many people could relate to it and have fun. We did too.


The actors had to be unfettered. It’s not really because of the sex stories, but because we are working with humour and the human body. So we’re somewhat exposed to the reaction of the public. From all the materials, we are making anonymous interpretation – we had to imagine their age, origin, or so they say, give them specific profile. At the entrance of the theatre, we distribute cards on which people can write their first sexual experience. We read them at various moments during the play. It’s very funny.


I started very small, doing a bit of everything: advertising, television, theater. It was a touchdown because at that age one does not know whether or not to engage in showbiz. At 15 I was in charge of receiving the Olympic flame. It was a very nice experience, plus it was the first time I learned the historical fact of the Olympics. Later I left Catalunya and I stayed in Madrid for personal reasons. There I starred in the series Al salir de clase. For me it was a way to make my life and never expected to have that impact in terms of popularity.


I left Los Hombres de Paco because I needed change of scenery. After seven years I did not want to lock myself up in a studio, playing the same character. I wanted to give myself a little scratch, not to be so comfortable, to stimulate me. Luckily I got Mi Primera Vez. The fact that I and Bart [Santana] are familiar faces of television does not mean anything, we work like everyone else. The show is fun and funny, and the public enjoys it. Even with familiar faces, if the play is bad, people still won’t go to see it.

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