May 21, 2011

Marian Aguilera (and Bart Santana) in TVist (2010)

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Marian Aguilera and Bart Santana appeared in a Catalan talk show/game show TVist  (release date: 10 February 2010) to promote the play Mi Primera Vez, which was touring Spain at the time (it ended summer 2010).

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  1. She is so cute. Her hair made me laugh!!! I do miss her long red locks though.

  2. Oh no, this is not the one that makes me laugh about her hair. it is the other one when her hair is sticking up. it is so cute though. She is always very cute. (although sometimes her choice of clothing gives me a giggle) It wouldn't really matter. she could wear a paper bag and still be adorable. Mi diosa pelirroja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!