Jun 13, 2011

Marian Aguilera in the play "La Gaviota" (2011)

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At premiere and party of La Gaviota (April 2011)

Ochandiano wants to fly with Chekhov

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Teatro Lara
Corredera de San Pablo 15, Madrid

The actor Ruben Ochandiano (Biutiful, No tengas Miedo, Los abrazos rotos) is venturing to the other side now and will direct the play by Anton Chekhov, La Gaviota.

Considered one of his masterpieces, it is a story "as complex and as simple as life itself." A subtle and intelligent book, full of spaces that the audience must complete.

Ochandiano, facing for the first time with a challenge of this magnitude, was obsessed from the first time he read: "Talk about everything or that interests me as an operator: love, parenting, family, death, fate, and of course ART."

On stage: Toni Acosta, Javier Albalá, Nausicaa Bonnin, Javier Pereira, Gorka Lasaosa, Marian Aguilera, Tomás Estal, Viviana Doynel, Joaquin Gomez.

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