Jun 11, 2011

Behind the scene: "Homicidios" (2011)

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Marián Aguilera in latest TV series "Homicidios" (2011)
Shooting begins for "Homicidios" (21st Feb. 2011)

Thanks to CB for keeping us informed :)!

Image by MA fans

  Images by Ccusi Inka Jewelry. All rights reserved.

Homicidios facebook here.

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  1. I just loved this woman and I'm glad she's got another role as a police/forensic again.

  2. I love her too.....she's gorgeous.

  3. she is a great actress! love her smile and glance

  4. I'm one of her avid fan from Philippines. She's really gorgeous and a very good actress. She acts very well even without saying any word you can see it in her facial expressions and in her eyes. i do love her.

  5. I love you Marian. You are an outstanding actress. Just get your works translated in English, because not everyone can understand Spanish.