Jun 9, 2011

Marián Aguilera in latest TV series "Homicidios" (2011)

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Shooting begins for "Homicidios" (21st Feb. 2011)

Exciting news indeed!! Thanks to CB for the news!

Marian Aguilera's latest project in the works is Homicidios, where she'll play Susana Rota, a sarcastic forensics expert who loves her job (a supporting role). Press conference dated 17th February 2011 has confirmed that she has joined the cast of the new crime drama produced by Big Bang Media with Telecinco.

The drama series is led by Eduardo Noriega (stars as Thomas Soller, the psychologist) and Celia Freijeiro (Eva Hernández, the police), crime investigators with two different personalities which often clashes, but always complimentary. The producers claim that this is the first time in Spain that a crime drama includes a psychologist specializing in behavioral disorders. The series have been compared to The Mentalist (US production) but the actors and producers have denied this claim.

The shooting starts Monday, 21st February 2011.

Homicidios facebook here.

Other cast of the TV series:
- Carlos García (Alonso Izquierdo)
- Enrique Berrendero (Pablo Montero)
- Vicky Luengo (María Losada)
- Esmeralda Moya (Helena Cuevas)
- Miguel de Miguel (Carlos García-Aranda)
- Mingo Ràfols (Lorenzo Santamaría)
- Rocío Muñoz (Patricia Vega)
- MarianVenancio (Comisario Andrés Ramos)

Manuel Villanueva commented that the release of Homicidios, "will be after the summer but I don't rule out before the end of this season."

The pilot:
Thomas Soller, a professor at the School of Psychology, teaches a course on Serial Murderers in college when a young man comes armed on campus and kills some of his teammates. That same night the student is found dead in his vehicle. All clues point to the university student committing suicide. Eva and Sóller discover that behind all these deaths lies a serial murderer.

This marks the beginning of the close collaboration between Thomas Soller and the homicide unit led by Eva Hernandez. The capture of the serial murderer will be the most challenging case in the careers of both of them.

We wish Ms. Aguilera all the best and all the successes in this latest undertaking! We look forward to your gracing the small screen again!

More news here: vertele.com, formulatv.com I, ideal.es, noticiasdenavarra.com, formulatv.com II and europapress.es.





  2. how can i meet her??
    does she lives in san antonio?? i mean which part of madrid does she lives?
    i'm planning to visit madrid... and i'm dying to meet her...:( you know i'll be the most happiest person if i were to bump into her in the streets..GOD....!!

  3. well, she does live in madrid,... that much for sure. but if u do see her, i'd suggest not calling her by any character's name like 'silvia', 'leni dali' or 'susana'. there's a reason why some characters she have played died in those series ;)! and tell her other fans from the site say HI =)! we all love her a lot!

  4. It's Hard to say anything About "MA",
    Just I Can give ALL MY BEST Wishes to Her..
    She is The Most Beautiful Women I have Ever Seen..

  5. The beauty of "YOUR" love has filled my heart
    with wonders beyond imagination and it makes life worth a living.

  6. I admire her...I am frm India. I want o meet her once or want o speak to her. I want her to see happy forever. i am trying to learn spanish for her...TE QUIERO..

  7. hmmmn, speechless i am when it comes to how MA played her role,,,so amazing! she really had the gots,the charisma the extraordinary beauty that could lunch a thousands ships,,,i am from philippines an am preparing myselves by learning spanish language and searching the way out of coming to madrid just to meet the most lovable and gorgeous Marian, wish to see her, to get to know her more and establish a bond with her,maybe if that would happen?i would be the HAPPPIEST fans in the world,thats gonna be my ultimate dreams from the day i get to know marian in LHDP,if anyone got a brilliant idea of how this foolish dreams come true just mail me please,,,,mhaz_berks@yahoo.com

  8. All the Very Best to Marian... She is a brilliant actress and I hope she gets to do more roles that do justice to her intensity! It's such an absolute pleasure to watch her - one glance of those eyes can express more than a thousand words. Keep up the great work, Marian...

    Love you loads!
    From India,

  9. I'm in Madrid now for JMJ 2011 :) I'm betting any money, if anyone is here looking for her, all they'll find is approx. 2 million pilgrims from all other the world lol.

    - Big fan from CANADA!! :3

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  11. I'm eagerly looking forward to watching her in Homicidios. :) Is there any link to any site online where I can find the episodes?

  12. silviapepa, at the moment, we don't know of any site with the episodes yet. right now, may be homicidios/telecinco facebook is the best bet for info. when u have found the episodes, may be we can link the fansite to your homicidios reviews ;)!

  13. Thank you MFZ... I don't understand Spanish and so have to eagerly wait for English caps or translations. With PepSi I got very lucky - am not sure what will happen with Homicidios tho! (But I have taken it upon me to learn Spanish :)) Thank you for your reply. Truly speaking, watching Marian is a treat - so I'm really really looking forward to just seeing her in this new series. :)

  14. I don’t know how to describe you understand. because I'm Vietnamese. I accidentally watch the movie silvia and pepa. And I can say that you are great. you can make a perfect role. you have a face like an angel . beautiful eyes, beautiful smile. Marian Aguilera . Do you believe I said something about you?
    What I wish the best to you and always shine as the Olympic flame.
    I apologize if my words are not polite. Please forgive me.

  15. I don't know where and how to start. Please help me to find some website that authorized to publish her movie and tv show. I want to follow her. Even though I just recently known her. I discover her in the youtube when I unintensionally view some of her tv series the " los hombre de paco"

    1. Ms. Marian Aguilera does not have any authorised/official web site, fan site, twitter, facebook or any internet social network at the moment. we have found a personal facebook account which could be hers, but cannot confirm of this. all about Marian in cyber space have been done by her fans from all over the world, especially spain. you'll find more materials in spanish than any other languages. this fan site was created to put together all-things-marian, like a one-stop centre. but we're careful about posting paparazzi photos and illegal copies of her movies and tv shows.

  16. Thank you for the time you spent in answering my question. I appreciate it. By the way, I,m Lee from Philippines. I used this account because I don't have account yet. My apologize.
    Good day...

  17. Hi! Me again , Can I ask you a favor? Please tell her that "I admire her". I never felt this before to anyone or anything. I don't know how she do what she do. I just amazed by her. She light my life.Sorry if I sounds nonsense. But its true. I'm not vocal type person. I usually kept on myself. I shared this to you because she only until dream.lee

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  20. I see 2013 the comments ended here. I write now only because I just discovered Marian about a month ago and I am crazy and obssesed with her, and I see I am not the only one. I want to know WHY? As beautiful as she is, she is not the only beauty in the world. I think it s the pelirroja hair. I am 66 year old white hair and I just dye my hair pelirroja in her honor HA! Marian, te quiero, princesa.