Jun 10, 2011

Shooting begins for "Homicidios" (21st Feb. 2011)

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Source: Big Bang Media on February 21, 2011 at 10:30 am

Homicidios facebook here.

After months of preparations for everything to be perfect, today begins the recording/shooting of Homicidios/Homicide.

And the series starts like this ...

Tomás Sóller (Eduardo Noriega), a professor at the School of Psychology, teaches a course on serial murderers in college, when a young man comes armed on campus and kills some of his classmates. That same night, the student is found dead in his car. All clues point to the young man committing suicide. Eva Hernández and Tomás Sóller discover that behind all these deaths, actually hides a serial murderer. This marks the beginning of close collaboration between Tomás Sóller and the homicide unit led by Eva Hernandez. The capture of the serial murderer is the biggest challenge in the career of both of them.

Together, they work in a multidisciplinary research team of criminal investigation, supervised  by an old school commissioner, Andrés Ramos (Mariano Venancio), and a hardened sub-inspector in the Narcotics Squad, Alonso Izquierdo (Carlos García), a disciplined Deputy Inspector who moves like a fish in the water in the Homicide Unit, Pablo Montero (Enrique Berrendero), a Deputy Inspector who is a newcomer to the unit, María Losada (Vicky Luengo), and a sarcastic forensic expert who loves her job, Susana Rota (Marian Aguilera).

From formulatv.com:

This new project was introduced at a press conference on 17th February 2011 which was attended by the director general of the contents of Telecinco Manuel Villanueva, the fiction director David Martínez, Alberto Carullo, and Mariana Cortes the producer, the script coordinator Miguel Sáez and series director Alberto Ruiz Rojo.

The head of Big Bang Media has said that the Homicidios series brings renewal to TV crime drama. "It combines the detective novel with the plot. In this way, we built the first season." The starting point of fiction will lead to the arch on which to build the first season. The characters try to solve a case but there will be other episodic frames.

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