Jun 16, 2011

Marian Aguilera in "Pasapalabra" (2-4 March 2011)

Our utmost gratitude to CB for the update! Muchas gracias!

Marian Aguilera appeared in a TV show by Telecinco called Pasapalabra. It's a game show and Ms. Aguilera was one of the contestants. She appeared in the show for a few days - from Wednesday 2nd March till Friday 4th March 2011.

All videos are edited - Marian Aguilera only

Video 1 (2nd March 2011)

Video 2 (3rd March 2011)

Video 3 (4th March 2011)

All videos originally by ponchi_lind2 (channel has been closed). Uploaded to youtube by mafuzaris

Images of MA in the show
(Click on images for original size, which is not that big)

All copyrights reserved by Telecinco.es.


  1. im going crazy already hahaha

  2. are u going crazy because ms. aguilera is gorgeous, or are u going crazy coz the videos are not working properly, even at the original website?? if it's the video, we share your pain and anger!

  3. im going crazy coz she's soooo gorgeous :) im loss for words actually <3 it's nice to see her again...

  4. oh, the videos are working for me perfectly :)

  5. okay.. so i dont really understand a thing that they're saying.. but i dont care! lol

    the name of the girl on marian's team is laura... marian and laura... awww...

    just a question, why did they focus on marian's back?

  6. yea,... i don't understand most of it too lol..!! but yes, watching it just to bask in her awesomeness and gorgeousness ;)!

    they focused on her back (slow motion capture of her waist up to her neck, because yes, she is gorgeous!) i think because they were talking about her dress and how beautiful it was and stuff.

    spanish translation, anyone??

    CB, ayudar a nosotros, por favor :)!

    oh by the way, i did a frame-by-frame of the "guess this song" segment (3rd video), and MA did push that thing first; it just didn't light up! she had the same problem in 2nd video too!

  7. Basically (I think xD) the host tells her she's gorgeous (I agree lol) and then asks who made the dress and she says it was made by her mom, (how cute is that????? <3) and then like the other actress in the other team also says she looks great and that they should show her dress and her back ;)
    she's adorable and she looked stunning!!!!!!!

  8. i love her...grrrr....

  9. awww her mom's so sweet <3 she did look stunning... i missed her so much! lol okay sorry, just deeply infatuated with this girl... lol

  10. thanks for the translation, CB :)!

    OK,.. i'm glad i didn't overdo it with the screen caps ..lol!

    her mom made that?! does this mean i have to learn how to make dresses and stuff too?? ;)

  11. some parts of these videos were now available in youtube...OMG, I love Marian...when i got a baby i'll name her after her ( lol ), maybe Rhian ( lol )..or Laurian.... hahaha