Dec 15, 2010

Marian Aguilera: Esencia de Poder/Essence of power (2001)

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The Galvans (pictured) and Riveras have nothing to envy of the Ewings, the Colbys or the Giobertis.

Esencia de Poder/Essence of power

With the aroma of soap opera, “Esencia de poder” has delivered fifty episodes of betrayal, lies, emotions and luxury, a lot of luxury. In the early history of a conflict of love and the complicated relations between two family businesses, the series by Zeppelin for Telecinco fills our television with beauty, power and glamor.

With an average of 1 800 000 viewers and an audience share of about 20%, “Esencia de poder” is successful because it captured a wider target audience than the usual series, among other things. With the new season (premiered on June 25), and the trio of characters in their twenties, the series is followed daily by an audience between 13-24 years (36.1% of its audience) and, a minority (21.7%) aged 25-44. To Marián Aguilera, the star of the series, this is one of the great advantages of “Esencia de poder”. “In fact, the settings are nice, as they reflect the business areas and the families, but the main focus is the relationships between my character, her boyfriend and a new love that comes into her life. Another final issue for the public we have is the fresh image and aesthetics that the series has; it draws younger viewers."


With a broad cast full of pretty faces in "Esencia de poder", Telecinco confirms the commitment of the series of daily broadcasting as it did with "El Super" and "Al salir de clase". "Working for a daily series requires a very fast pace; in just five days we shot an episode, something we do with a couple of weeks before," she says.

With a seasoned background in films ("Tic Tac", "El hijo de Sadokan" and "Tuno negro", among others) and theater, Marián Aguilera became popular on the small screen because of "Al salir de clase", a Telecinco series which has produced a quarry of young actors (suffice to mention Lucía Jiménez, Mariano Alameda, Raquel Meroño, Elsa Pataki and Rodolfo Sancho). "My work in other series,” she says, “is no comparison; the plots have a different order – in "Al salir de clase" it concluded in the same episidio – the issues and styles are very different."


Surrounding the love triangle, a full range of young and veteran actors bring to life the characters of the series, Arancha del Sol, Fabiola Toledo, Raquel Meroño, Ines Morales and Jordi Dauder are just some of the names in this production which in past few weeks, has included Monica Pont (“Hostal Royal Manzanares”).

Despite the elitism of the worlds portrayed in the series, "Esencia de poder" does not deny the pull of daily patterns that engage the viewer to get through the self-recognition in television characters. According to its producers, "the emotions and the characters are very recognizable to the viewers. Therefore moving away from the concept of soap opera and depiction of the problems of the characters to the viewers is a great task. The stories refer to specific worlds but the representation of the scripts is close to us, close."

Ranked by the chain in its premiere as "a series of long-haul", "Esencia de poder" passed its worst moments after the confrontation and coinciding with the finale of "El secreto", a telenovela by TVE-1, and a new season will follow. After the tough battle and passing the first summer month, the production is made for the television, as an alternative to summer roses containers and seasonal magazines.


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