Dec 21, 2010

My life at Telecinco: Marian Aguilera (2002)

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Marian Aguilera

In 1997, we found a redhead with airs of a diva. Her greatest aspiration in the world, in addition to looking in the mirror, was becoming a model and reaching the level of life she dreamed of since childhood. However, not everything was more than a dream. Miriam became pregnant with David and gave birth prematurely to a baby that would not exceed the first months of life. After the setback, she found stability with Inigo but when they were about to marry, those adolescent dreams appeared again to upset her life. In June 1999 she left at the altar to star in a series in Mexico, where her dreams shattered again. She returned in April 2000 to regain the love and return to Mexico with him. A year later, Marián leaves the image as a teenager to become a sophisticated youth, and for a year, give life to Alicia Galván, a good girl who works in the family business: a major perfume company. Photo: Telecinco Archive

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  1. hi, im sorry but i do not understand the article. is it about marian's life? or one of the characters that she played? i freaked out when i read that she prematuredly gave birth.. and the other details as well... hope someone can explain this to me... thank you so much!

  2. LOL i got that when i first read the translation too! i have italicized fictional names and put in bold MA's real name. so the article is about the characters MA played when she was with telecinco till 2002: Miriam (Al salir de clase) and Alicia (Esencia de poder).

    if u understand spanish, i'd recommend reading the original article in telecinco's website. the translation is weird because,... well... google translated it ;P!