Dec 19, 2010

Marian Aguilera: FROM A GIRL TO WOMAN

Marian Aguilera was featured in two newspaper articles (but both were of the same thing). Origin of newspaper cutting is unknown, but found at (thanks!). Date of publication also unknown, but probably in 2002 because No debes estar aquí  was her latest work. If you have more information, please email us here.

Click on newspaper cuttings for original size.

Marian Aguilera, on Empúries beach, carrying the Olympic flame in 1992

The redhead whom we fell in love with

The alarm went off yesterday afternoon in Madrid. A nap forced by fatigue of practising at the theater of something being prepared in secret. The redhead whom we fell in love with has managed to become an actress. It is far from the boat, the torch, the environment. She does not live in the memory, but would like to have in the closet, the silver dress with scales, to look at from time to time and tripping over a past that has taken her to star in two television series, 'Al salir de clase' and 'Esencia de poder', and even a movie currently in theaters, 'No debes estar aquí’. The race was slow, quiet, but steady. Small papers, gifts, as in 'La cuidad de los prodigios', against the dangers of a risky profession. She lives alone, but she knows how to be independent. She does not have the clothes her mother made (remember that Pantaloon with striped diplomatic ties on your first party?), Marian Aguilera is now informal, but still a redhead. -J . SANDOVAL

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