Dec 15, 2010

“Esencia de poder”: love and luxury by Telecinco (2001)

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“Esencia de poder”: love and luxury by Telecinco

"El secreto” rises from today with this series, produced by Zeppelin

With a youthful love story as bait and the glitz and glamor of the world of fashion and perfume, Telecinco launches today on the tube " Esencia de poder”, a "modern and realistic" series produced by Zeppelin. With a glitzy cast that includes Marián Aguilera, Jesus Olmedo and Roberto Enríquez, the series was created with the mission to last for chapters with an outline of half an hour daily.

MADRID. S. Campelo

With the basic ingredients of any self-respecting series - love, ambition, luxury or money - and a love triangle and plot, "Esencia de poder” comes to our screens (Telecinco, 17.00 hours) with the intention of bidding on the disputed screen time with a story full of "glamour", romance and revenge.

Set in the world of fashion and perfumes, the serial is played by young Marian Aguilera ("Al salir de clase"), Jesus Olmedo ("Plaza Alta") and Roberto Enriquez ("Las razones de mis amigos”); accompanied by a cast, among them Raquel Meroño, Fabiola Toledo, Arancha del Sol.

From the love of two youths, the production of Zeppelin takes us into a world of pressures and interests around the world of business, in a "realistic, everyday” tone and taking it away from modern Latin American telenovela concept, and making it more recognizable for the Spanish audience, "as expressed in charge”. "Esencia de poder" tells the story of two families - the Rivera and Galvan - belonging to different worlds that are joined by the marriage of their older children, Alicia and Diego.

Divided into chapters of thirty minutes, the series is defined with a long haul, "in the same line of “El Súper” and "Al salir de clase”, but the last word is always with the audience," explained someone responsibled for the series.

From Thursday, "Esencia de poder” to advance its schedule to forty-five minutes in the absence of “Gran Hermano”, in direct competition with "El secreto", the Euro Serial Fiction screening at TVE-1 from Monday to Friday.

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