Nov 25, 2014

THEATRE: Nine actress, a director and a good comedy “En el baño”

November 22, 2014

On November 20, and details emerge of a new play “En el baño” by Astrid Veillon, adapted by Beatriz Santana and Pilar Ruiz Gutiérrez. Directed by Gabriel Olivares. Premieres at the Teatro Arlequín in Madrid on Friday 28 November.

As mentioned earlier,  “En el baño” will have nine actresses: Mar del Hoyo, Marian Aguilera, María Kaltembacher, Eva Higueras, Silvia de Pé, Roser Pujol, Mónica Vic, Chupi Llorente and Ana Villa.

“En el baño” is a French comedy written by Astrid Veillon in 2003. This is the debut as a playwright of this French actress, known for her work in television.

The play premiered in 2004 at the Comédie de Paris with great success: 50,000 spectators in 250 performances. When women go to the bathroom, it's not necessarily for a touch up. This screwball comedy presents the story of five women: Lu, Marisol, Ángela, Coco and Carmen, who come together to celebrate the fortieth birthday of the first one. The five ends up in a place of confidence ... the bathroom!

A surprise party. A birthday. A bathroom. It's Lu's 40th birthday and her three best friends, Coco, Marisol and Angela have decided to make the best possible gift: a birthday party at the home of her boyfriend. A surprise. Also by surprise Carmen, Lu's mother appears. During a night of partying, drinking, misunderstandings and discoveries without leaving a bathroom, the four friends face a night of madness, but also the truth of their friendship.

To give you an idea, everything takes place in a bathroom and it's a conversation between women. If you're a woman, maybe even you can imagine that talk. Maybe it even surprises you. If you are a man, surely you want to find out. And if we give you the option of looking for that lock?

“En el baño” is a game of seduction in itself a metaphor for life, a hideout, a work of introspection and a treatise on humans. All bathed, and never better, in an intelligent and sugarcane humor. And many, many, many bubbles. A bathroom is what you have.

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