Nov 20, 2014

Remedios Crespo filming "Flexibility", the prelude to a stressful world

28/08/2014 |

The Andalusian director Remedios Crespo is involved in the filming of "Flexibility", his fifth short film as director and screenwriter. A piece that hopes to achieve an ambitious distribution.

The film recounts the events in Europe within 13 years, particularly in the stories of workers at a pin factory, who hold an emergency meeting to avoid the imminent closure of the factory, since the differences between workers and the company are not expected.

For "Flexibility", Remedios Crespo has gathered an experienced group of artists like Cuca Escribano ("Velvet", "El secreto de puente viejo"), Marian Aguilera ("Los hombres de Paco", "Al salir de clase"), Eduardo Velasco ("El Internado", "Bandolera"), Raquel Burbano ("Aquí no hay quien viva", "Hermanos y detectives") and Manolo Caro ("El Bola", "Muere otro día"); contributors are Juan González, Daniel Molina, Óscar Paniagua, Luis Navarro and Luis Vecino, among others, as part of the technical team; and production of Alta Manera Producciones.

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