Jan 1, 2011

A decade of awesomeness (2001-2010)

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As Helena in Lo Más Importante de la Vida es no Haber Muerto (2010)
The 2001-2010 decade has ended. This past decade, Marian Aguilera had starred in many TV series, films, short films and plays, on top of appearing in many commercials, magazines and TV interviews.

It had been a good decade too - with the successes of the series Los Hombres de Paco (2005-2009), the films Seres Queridos (2004) and El Prado de las Estrellas (2007), Lo Más Importante de la Vida es no Haber Muerto (2010), and the big hit Mi Primera Vez (2009-2010).

This decade alone, Ms. Aguilera starred in13 films (some of which she starred in supporting/small roles), three TV series, three short films, two (?) plays and one streamy.

Cast of LHDP (2008)
In addition to that, she was nominated for Best TV Actress (for Los Hombres de Paco) at the Fotogramas de Plata in 2009. AfterEllen.com awarded the series Los Hombres de Paco Best Scripted TV Series with Lesbian/Bi Characters (International) (Visibility Awards 2008).

As Silvia Castro in LHDP
AfterEllen.com also placed Ms. Aguilera at No. 86 in its Hot 100 (May 2010). They placed character Silvia Castro at Number 29 in Top 50 Lesbian/Bisexual Characters (March 2010).

Jury of the Festival Internacional de Cine de Cantabria 2005
For her experience, charisma and awesomeness, she was selected as a member of jury at the San Sebastian International Film Festival (2009), 20th Annual Film Festival of L'Alfas del Pi (2008) and International Film Festival of Cantabria (October 2005).

Last decade also saw her as a member of VOCES: para la conciencia y el desarrollo (VOICES: for awareness and development), and one of the patrons of Fnac Malaga, which she officiated on 18th September 2008. For her beauty and personality, Juanjo Oliva chose her as his muse - they appeared in magazine Mujer Hoy (2009) and attended the Madrid Fashion Week (2009) together.

Most successful:

TV series: Los Hombres de Paco (105 episodes, 2005-2009)
Film: Seres Queridos (2004)
Short: Valido para un baile (2006)
Play: Mi primera vez (2009-2010)

Most screen time:

TV series: Los Hombres de Paco (2005-2009)
Film: Seres Queridos (2004)
Short: Otra Vida (2005)
Play: Mi primera vez (2010)

Ms. Aguilera, thanks for a great decade!

May the New Decade bring you good health, peace of mind, love, happiness and delight in your life.

May the dawning of this New Year, fill your heart with new hopes, open up new horizons and bring for you promises of brighter tomorrows.

When you're lonely, we wish you Love!
When you're down, we wish you Joy!
When you're troubled, we wish you Peace!
When things seem empty, we wish you Hope!
Have a Happy New Year!


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