Feb 4, 2011

Marian Aguilera in "Valido para un baile" (2006)

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Source: imdb.com and mariavalverde.info

In 2006, Marian Aguilera appeared in a short Valido para un baile/Valid for a dance. Her character's name in the short is not known.

It is a drama, directed and written by Gabriel Beneroso Perez. The short film was produced in 2005, but only approved for release on 13th July 2006.

Other cast: Antonio Dechent, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, María Valverde, Alfonsa Rosso, Gary Piquer and Alex O'Dogherty

Music: Jose Antonio Jimenez Bautista

Length: 17 minutes

Produced by: Borvoleta Film Production

Distributor: Lolita Peliculitas


Válido para un baile is set in an old ballroom in a city of Spain in 1937. There, the miseries of each customer and the resignation of the dancers are set aside each evening here, their last refuge. When the inevitable happens, they get to turn around the situation, becoming the only winners in a defeated world. Their only weapon is hope.


- Premiered at the Malaga Film Restival, Albéniz,

- The script of the film was the winner of the Andalusian Shorts Competition II of the Provincial de Málaga.

- Was recorded in three days of intense shooting at the Conservatorio María Cristina, which gave Unicaja the project.

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  1. i really love marian when it comes to her movies especially to her tv series los hombres de paco....i really love the pepsi team up...please tell me where can i watch the los hombres de paco full series with english subtitles...por favor.........i wish to see marian personally....te quiero marian...

  2. sorry to tell u that we don't know how to get hold of LHDP full series with english subtitles. eBay or Amazon could be possible avenues, but other than those, sorry!

  3. Where can I watch this short?