Nov 13, 2010

Marian Aguilera: a beautiful redhead

Marian Aguilera made the news again. The article was perhaps written soon after her appearance as the flame bearer, because she was still 163 cm at the time. It was just a small column, talking about how beautiful she is and that her height doesn't really matter much. ..We all know that...!

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Marian Aguilera, a beautiful redhead

And with a voice, and can almost vote for that age, has left the beautiful Marian Aguilera, the belle of the Olympic flame, whom we rescued from "Diez Minutos", photos and little text, ensuring that she, despite her one metre and sixty-three, is "tiny but powerful. " She's actually an angel, a lovely child, who lives happily, looks good and feels good, though she is the star of "cole." Her mother made a few suits that are a pride for her that looks good and that counts. And the listener, and a good listener. Come from anywhere, it’s all the same and that she is safe. She has everything and if you lack height, it would not hurt to take a look at the stars from Liz Taylor to Joan Collins, who are distinguished precisely by their centimetres.

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