Nov 11, 2010

Marian Aguilera in "Diario ABC" (1992)

Marian Aguilera was featured in People section of Diario ABC (?), on 30th June 1992. She was still fresh from her worldwide appearance as the girl who received the Olympic flame at Empurias.

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Marian Aguilera: la Sirena del Fuego (the Siren of Fire)

They call it the sacred flame of Gods of Olympians, lit on June 5 at the Temple of Heras, it came after several days of travel across the Peloponeso to the Athenian Acropolis, where it embark on the frigate " Cataluña" to cross the Mediterranean and start at velor Ampurias (formerly Emporio) on its tour of Spain. Golden evening fell on the city twenty-five centuries before the giegos were built in Catalonia, when Siren of Fire appeared. Marian Aguilera, a dancer of fifteen years, aboard the "caro d'art" (carábaño) "Icaria", the sacred flame landed at the old wharf of San Martin de Ampurias. It was the most anticipated moment.

Poseidon and Aeolus calmed the waters and delivered gentle breezes from the north wind that could deliver Siren of Fire to the athlete Sabadell Carmen Valero, the first Olympic torch relay, the flame that unites the peoples of Spain in its forty-three-day path. That same call, starting July 25, will turn in the cauldron of Montjuic Stadium and will become the worldwide symbol of peace among men.

The image of Marian Aguilera, sitting as a mermaid on the bow of "Icaria" in her right hand protecting the safety of lamp in which carrying the sacred flame, has been around the world. This young student of BUP, born in Barcelona and lives in the town of Montgat, had the double distinction of being the first person to set foot on Spanish soil with the Olympus and then, too, for the first time in our history. Her image of that afternoon was seared into the retinas of those in Ampurias and that of the millions of citizens of the five continents that were able to follow the telecast.

She was not chosen by the gods of Olympus for high-scaled project, but the organizers sought her image among agencies and lists without success. A friend of another friend of one of the organizing committee gave her name and photograph. At last, the muse expected. Siren of Fire had arrived.

Marian is hardly known in the circles of "top model" of Barcelona, despite starring in magazine ads and "spots" advertising. "I started with the custard, the juices and things like that, and then I was able to do fashion runways and reports in the hand of Teresa Gimpera agency". She confesses of her love for Jack Nicholson and often practiced many sports, "although I feel dancing as the best fit." She brings the world of television and fashion, and although she dreams of becoming a pilot or a journalist, saying that "I still have years to decide." Not give up her studies "because everything is compatible," and although we know she has soulmates, the Siren of Fire lives, without a boyfriend, focusing on her daily activities on the shores of the sea that brought the fire of the Olympics.


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