Nov 9, 2010

Marian Aguilera at the arrival of the Olympic flame for Barcelona 1992

This is the much talked about Barcelona Olympics 1992 and Marian Aguilera's role in carrying the Olympic flame upon its arrival at Empúries (13th June 1992). Even after so many years since the event, she still gets questions about it. Now that's what we call "memorable"! Cool stuff!

Arrival of the Olympic flame at Empúries

Empúrias .- The torch and the Olympic flame arrived at the port Empordà, where they were greeted by about 20,000 people at the ceremony. After the first reliever, Carmen Valero and Michael Nogué, led to the scale, which was received in a festival. Subsequently, the torch has restarted the tour in Catalonia.

Empúries receives the Greek call

The Olympic torch runs to Cataluña

SANT MARTI D'EMPURIES - The Olympic flame arrived last night at the port of Empúries, from Olympia, in an emotional ceremony that was followed by thousands of people. Irene Papas said the fire "is the generous offer of the Greek spirit to all nations willing to cooperate peacefully.” Nuria Espert called Venus that "protects us and gives the gift of success to those who have already had the gift of wisdom." The flame has begun the long journey that has to be carried by all Spanish communities.
(La Vanguardia, 14th June 1992, page 1)

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  1. she was only 15 years old during this time. she was really great here.