Nov 15, 2010

Marian Aguilera in "Cifras y Letras" (1994)

Marian Aguilera appeared in Cifras y Letras/Numbers and Letters (junior version), a TV game show produced by TVE in 1994. Almost fresh from her participation in the Olympics Barcelona 1992 as Olympics flame bearer, Ms. Aguilera was chosen to be part of the show in its junior version to appeal to the younger crowd.

Marian Aguilera with participants on the show (1994)
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Clipping: 3rd August 1994, Miércoles magazine

Marian debut as a host in the juvenile version of "Cifras y Letras"

Barcelona. (Redacción.) - Marian Aguilera, the young Catalan who, in 1992, received the Olympic flame bound for the Barcelona Olympics, debuted on television as the host of tomorrow's edition of BBC2's youth competition "numbers and letters”, which features the journalist Elisabeth Roca. The program, which will air at its regular hours from 15:00 hours Monday to Friday, develops during the month of August in "Cifras y Letras Junior", aimed at the younger audience and contestants between 10 and 17 years. In mid-September, "Cifras y Letras" return to its usual format for adults. The young Marian Aguilera, 17, who until now had done work as a model, will host alongside Abraham Pujante. Two new consultants are also in the youth version of the program: Maria Jose Nasarre as an expert linguist and Alejandro Arenas for the numerical tests. The ratings success of the 35 programs of "Cifras y Letras" last summer in juvenile edition and excellent acceptance of the fifteen youths aired during the Christmas have prompted officials at TVE program to produce more of “Cifras y Letras junior” edition. The program has also received thousands of postcards sent by the audience asking young contestants. According the recording of "Cifras y Letras”, many schools have come to the set as an academic activity because they believe it enhances the reading/language and reasoning of students.

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