Mar 28, 2011

Marian Aguilera: "I'm hooked to a computer game” (2008)


The actress Marian Aguilera, who is in the movie El prado de las estrellas, says she does not like technology, although she uses it widely.

MIGUEL ÁNGEL MEDINA - Madrid - 12/01/2008

The actress Marian Aguilera, responding to a digital interview by ELPAÍ - MIGUEL ÁNGEL MEDINA

Marián Aguilera, who just released the movie El prado de las estrellas, has had a computer for six years. "It's not really mine, but as if it were. I use to find all types of information, including streets."

The actress who became famous after appearing in the series Al salir de clase know enough to surf the internet. "I look around a bit; theaters, newspapers, and I use a lot of e-mail." However, there is no blog or hanging pictures on the Internet.

One of the devices she uses the most is the iPod, a music player that she is very happy about. "I bought it a year ago. Before, I had a minidisc, but the music player is much better."

Aguilera says she doesn’t abuse the phone. "I send about 15 messages a day" and acknowledges that this device has never caused problems. "Sometimes I run out of battery or have no coverage at an inopportune time, but never in a serious situation."

"I don’t like technology," she continues, "but I use it a lot. Normally, I put my interest to learn up to where I need to, and then I forget it." Still, she acknowledges being "hooked" on a computer game, the Bubble breaker.

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