Feb 19, 2011

Newspaper clipping: "El prado de las estrellas" (2007)

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Translation of text:

Marian Aguilera and Alvaro de Luna, who was nominated for a Goya for his performance in this film.


New with Mario Camus is a story about ordinary people with everyday problems. Álvaro de Luna, Marian Aguilera are the protagonists.

THE STORY: A retired man (Alvaro de Luna) and women (Mari Gonzales) who took care of the young. A social worker (Marian Aguilera), and a boy (Oscar Abad) who aspires to succeed in the world of cycling. They all cross paths in their lives in the idyllic surroundings of Cantabria.

Everyday stories

This film tells the story of people who have their little problems. And the dreams of a very young little boy begin to ride a bike. Although it seems lik a very simple story, it is quite complicated. So Mario Camus explains the keys to his new film. The filmmaker, with his vast experience (he directed “La Colmena”, “Los Santos Inocentes” and “La Ciudad de los Prodigios”), Camus understands his film as a legend with a cast of characters who live without surrendering to despair, the shiny appearance of the present, or melancholy. One of the revelations of the film, including Goya nomination, is the rider Óscar Abad is in Almacenes Lavin team.


Dir: Mario Camus. Cast: Alvaro de Luna, Marian Aguilera, Antonio dela Torre, Óscar Abad, Rodolfo Sancho. Gen.: Drama. Origin: Spain. Dur: January 19 minutes. Dist:. Manga Films.

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