Mar 5, 2011

Marian Aguilera: "Me too, I left home soon" (2008)

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Seven years after 'La ciudad de los prodigios', the television actress Marian Aguilera is back to work with Mario Camus' 'El prado de las estrellas'. A discrete film in which her red hair stands out and her character is melancholic.

- Looks like Mario Camus remembered you ... 

- In 'La ciudad de los prodigios' there was very little of me, maybe three days. But he remembered. And I'm glad.

- Sure you say that the movie has you in awe. 

- But I love it. Compared with so many films that are now so sophisticated, with which one can not identify ... This is a simple story with flesh and blood, and explains well what happens to them. It gives us a lesson. No great things happen, but the passing is very well told.

The Town 

- Your character, Luisa, struggles to find her place, is that what happened to you? 

- Yes. Most girls know that feeling. There is something that keeps you from being still in the same place. You have the need to discover. I am also from a town. It’s called Montgat, in Barcelona. Up to an age, you don’t know why, but you need to get out and move on. You get to a place and you do not like it. You go on experimenting. It is the only way to know if you are right where you should be. I left Montgat when I was even younger than Luisa.

- At what age? 

- At 18. I went to Barcelona to do theater. And then I came to Madrid to work on 'Al salir de clase'.

- At 10 years old, you went on 'El largo invierno del 39'. Did you see yourself clearly to be an actress from the beginning? 

- It's very difficult to decide to be an actor at that age. These are things that one must decide when you are older. At that age, everything was subconscious, then it was a thought. I have no regrets.

- Do you live well be an actor? 

- If things go well and one has a job, it is fun. I love actors. They have taught me a lot and to be with them in the waiting or during the rehearsal is a joy. I live very well.

- Did you do supper on 'Al salir de clase'? 

- It has ever happened to us, but never got to do. It would be a little rare, right? I talked with a partner, but then, you know ...

- You want to make more movies. 

- Sure. The movies are gifts that appear. I love films. But a film never secures the future and one has to work. This profession is like that. I have my feet on the ground and I will not leave the TV.

- After seeing you in 'El prado de las estrellas' do you expect them to call you more? 

- I did not think so. Watching the film I was surprised that my character was more important than I had imagined. But the experience has taught me to enjoy what I do and not to get my hopes high. I get noticed at work, I enjoyed what I could and that's it.

- Do you ever refuse a role? 

- I see that nothing is impossible. Not be saturated nor be at standstill. That's all I know about this work.

- What do you do when you lack routine? 

- I'd rather be working, even on TV.

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