Feb 22, 2011

Interview with "Todos ahh cien"

In 2007 (?), Marian Aguilera was interviewed by the program Todos ahh cien, a TV show in the La Sexta channel. Summary of interview below the video, courtesy of CB! Muchas gracias!

Summary of interview:

Marian Aguilera says:

- When it comes to what attracts her in a man, she doesn't know. There's nothing in particular that she looks for, other than for someone who makes her feel better or she has a good interaction / communication with. She doesn't like men in uniform; it doesn't attract her.
- When it comes to flirting, she tries to just be herself, natural and spontaneous. She doesn't have a strategy or a method. But when she really likes someone, then she feels a bit shy and so she feels like she has no 'weapons'.
- So far she hasn't been offered anything in movies, like a really hard/strong scene, that she felt like refusing, she did some stuff that was 'erotic', but that's all.
- She thinks that the character from The Pianist has a strong sexuality, although repressed, powerful and something different and interesting.
- They say that we are all bisexual. But society or the way we grow up / education influences us and if someone doesn't have the chance to have a homosexual relationship, maybe they tend to think that they're not, but in general she believes we all have that potential.

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