Feb 21, 2011

Marian Aguilera in FHM.es (2007)

Cover of the May 2007 edition
Marian Aguilera appeared in FHM.es, May 2007 edition. In the article, she, Michelle Jenner and Nerea Garmendia were featured as Las Chicas de Paco/Paco's Girls, and each of them posed for photos and has a short interview.

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FHM - May 2007 - Las Chicas de Paco
(Marian Aguilera only)
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In the series: Silvia Castro
Position: Head of the Department of Forensic Science

As an ex of Lucas (in the series), there's a lot of untapped guilds on television: it suggests stories about bakers, designers, cleaners, taxi drivers ... "They certainly have much against her." She was born on March 12 in Barcelona; weighing 50 kilos and standing at 1.67m.

A question: to you, the name Paco sounds like...

After a year working in the series, the name always reminds me of Paco Tous (Paco Miranda in the series), a nice actor, loving, funny ...

How do you define your two co-actresses?

Michelle is the most loving and sweetest thing I've ever met, and Nerea is a real “beast”, she has a lot of energy.

Your character in the series falls in love with rebellious men. Is it similar in real life?

More similar when I was younger. But I've learned over the years.

How did you get started in this?

When I was seven years old, we had hairdresser parades, and I participated in an advertisement for Barbie Rockstar: it was fun, we dressed in leather clothes and danced ...

You appeared in a music video by Alejandro Sanz and also took part in the Barcelona Olympics.

Yes, but not as an athlete. I carried the torch when it arrived by boat at Ampurias.

Would you like to sit and work with famous people...

I would like to, but I really like Clint Eastwood, although he’s a big shot.

How did it go at the photo session?

It was difficult because it was my first time posing for such sexy pictures.

What was the last sentence you recorded in the series?

Paco gave me a bag and he was saying something because there was evidence of foreign material and I simply said, "OK". -FHM

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